Big Boxing Day Sale

Our Biggest Boxing Week Sale Yet


Our Saleapalooza for the rest of 2018!

Why have *one* sale to celebrate our three days off when we could have *three* instead?! We truly hope one of these sales helps serve you & start your 2019 off in a good way!!

Option 1: A sweet deal on our sweet deals! Take an additional 20% off all of our already on-sale sex toys! Science says finding deals makes us feel good, so, what does it mean when we find deals on things (that are already deals) that are *designed* to make us feel good?! Mind. Blown. Blow yours with coupon code CHEAPTHRILLS

Option 2: A stellar offer on our stellar, highly coveted Je Joue toys! Order $200 worth of Je Joue products, and, get a free San Francisco Nights kit with coupon code SANFRANKIT 

Option 3: Dollars off all the good stuff!
Coupon Code: 10 gets you $10 off all orders $100+ 
Coupon Code: 40 gets you $40 off all orders $200+ 
Coupon Code 90 gets you $90 off all orders $300+

* All codes valid until January 1, excludes books.
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