What Fills Your Cup?

What Fills Your Cup?


It's funny how, for a time of year often associated with spreading good cheer, it can sometimes be so darn hard to just keep our heads above the water (or snow, as the case may be).

Between the work and family challenges that often arise over the holiday season, plus the still-fresh loss of all that beautiful sunny Vitamin D and local produce, it's easy to experience November and December as a slippery and generally uncomfortable landscape of groggy and disappointed feelings.

Of course, we need all kinds of emotional, mental, and physical landscapes to explore and understand who we are in a variety of deep and meaningful ways. Our bodies and minds need to recharge, reflect, as well as grow and develop: and, this can't always happen during that perfect sunny fall day-trip to the U-Pick apple orchard.

We're constantly learning about ourselves even and especially as we're white-knuckle-driving down the snowy highway on our way to work. We're developing a deeper understanding of what brings us joy as we're snuggled up with a loved one watching a fave movie. We're gifted wisdom and perspective and a stronger sense of self as we, once again, face uncomfortable conversations over the holiday dinner table. Heck, we're doing important work deciding what is truly important to us as we're tackling the task of cleaning out that spare closet (FINALLY).

It's easy to slip into a mindset of seeing the onset of winter, and the holiday season as a time of struggle against the changing seasons, darkening hours, or squirming through uncomfortable conversations with Uncle Ned at the dinner table.

But, there's another side to this coin: this is a beautiful time to lean into & focus on what is truly meaningful to you. What makes you tick. What takes care of you when you're feeling a little rough around the edges. What joy looks like when there's only 9 hours of sunlight.

If there's anything we know, it is that *you* are a resilient and powerful person because you've made it this far. And, you've made it this far through moments of joy and care by cultivating wisdom and grace from the good, the bad, and the snowed-in.

We'd love to know - what do you do to take care of yourself during the fall & winter? What brings you joy? What fills your cup?

For me, I find that walks outdoors fills my cup. I take my glasses off, and walk facing the sun. I know this is good for my health - that I'm getting some Vitamin D, that my lymphatic system is pumping, that my mitochondria are getting juiced up from the sunlight, and the sunlight helps with my sleep and circadian rhythms. But, really, what fills my cup is seeing (fuzzily!) beautiful ice sculptures on the ground from a recent thaw/freeze. Being charmed by cute little paw prints in the snow. Smelling a waft of wood smoke from a nearby fire. Tasting the fresh cold air. Hearing all the crunches and rustles of my movement through the wintry landscape. Often, after these walks I am at my most inspired, which is truly the cherry on top.

It would be a huge gift to hear from you - if you have a second to write us a little something about what takes care of you during this season. Winter is a time of rest, which means it's a time of dreaming. Help us dream through the next few weeks and months by sharing some of your wisdom & grace. It'd be special to hear from you.

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