Pumps & Pumping

We work hard to have many different types of sex toys that produce many types of sensation. While pumps may seem like less common sex toys than, say, butt plugs, bottles of lube (yes, lube is a sex toy!) or vibrators, pumps are no less valuable (or awesome) at providing a variety of wonderful and much appreciated sensations for people.

What Is A Pump?

A pump ­ in combination with a cylinder or cup ­is used to create a vacuum on the body to pull blood to the surface of the skin. When used in an area of the body with erectile tissue (like the penis, clitoris, or nipples) the process creates greater sensation and blood engorgement in the area that has been pumped.

There are different styles of pumps ranging from inexpensive plastic pumps to high quality pumps that are either solo, or two-­person operated and can be used with different detachable cylinders. Some pumps also come equipped with gauges for the serious pumper!

We currently carries a selection of basic and high­-end pumps that range in price and in terms of features.

How Does Pumping Work?

When pumping, it is important to create a good seal between the cylinder and the body part you wish to pump. Take the cylinder or cup and run some thick water­based lubricant over the edges of the cylinder or cup. Sliquid Organics Gel and Hathor Sutil Rich lubricants are both thick lubes that are perfect for pumping. Now, once the edge of your cylinder is lubed up, it can be placed over a vulva, penis, clitoris, nipple... you get the idea!

Hold the attachment in place and start pumping. Go slowly, and (if the seal is strong) you’ll start to see the area darken and rise with pressure. Pump until a good vacuum has been created, and then stop. The attachment can be left on the body for a period of time (take it off if there are sensations of unwanted pain).

If you have a pump that has a detachable cylinder, the cylinder can be removed from the hose, and left to work its magic while you move on to pumping other areas!

Whether the area has been pumped for 30 seconds or 10 minutes, once the cylinder is removed, the skin that was in the vacuum will be more sensitive, and blood ­filled.

Why Pump?

Well, why not?! Pumps are a versatile and pleasurable way to create more sensitivity on already sensitive body parts. Folks will sometimes pump if they want more sensation, or are having circulation issues­ pumping is a helpful tool to get blood to the skin’s surface. In fact, using pumps can be a great alternative to sensitizing creams and lotions that sometimes can be full of harsh chemicals that may irritate skin. Pumping is also an intimate way to exchange sensation and trust with another person.

Will Pumping Make Me Bigger?

There’s not much that can be done to permanently change the size or shape of your genitals. You can sure have fun trying, though! Pumps are an effective means to pull blood into the erectile to help create an erection (or a firmer erection).

Additionally, people will also pump their penises, and then put on a cock ring to keep the erection. This can be a pleasurable and practical alternative to creams and pills marketed to be erection enhancing, such as Viagra.

Be sure to consult your doctor before pumping because erectile difficulties can be an indicator of underlying medical issues.

For some trans masculine folks, regular pumping can stretch the skin, and in combination with taking testosterone, has been reported to help enlarge one's genitals. It is unclear how much of that growth is due to pumping and how much is due to hormones. Similarly, some trans feminine folks will use breast pumps in preparation for implants or to enhance the impact of estrogen.

How Much Is ‘Too Much’ Fun?

Folks who bleed easily, are diabetic, have vascular health issues, or are taking blood thinning medication should be sure to pay close attention, and go slowly. Bodies are great at sending their own signals. If everything is feeling good, then there is likely nothing to be concerned about. If there’s unwanted discomfort, then take a break. If you experience notable bruising or swelling, try using less pressure.

As a general rule, give any body part a break after 20 ­- 30 minutes of play. This is the same advice we give to folks using cock rings, clamps, and any other constricting toys. If pumping with someone else, ensure there’s communication about how things are progressing, and what feels best!

Learn more about how to choose your first sex toy or view our selection of pumps and pumping gear.

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