How to Choose Your First Sex Toy

With so much selection, choosing your first toy can be a daunting task. We've got suggestions for how to choose a vibrator, dildo, and strap-on harness, but before we get to those, there are three general key considerations: function, look & feel, and price.


The U.S. sex store, Good Vibrations, has this slogan: "The right tool for the job." This is the essence of choosing your toy.

  • Do you want something that will vibrate, or not?
  • Do you want a toy just for external or clitoral stimulation?
  • Do you want something you can use for g-spot or prostate play as well?
  • Do you need something that is very quiet (nosy neighbours, kids, thin walls)?
  • Do you tire easily and need a toy that will be lighter, or with an easily manipulated switch?
  • What about size and transportability?

An electric vibrator will have obvious limitations when you're travelling and will tend to be louder than battery operated and rechargeable vibrators. Is there a specific kind of play you like? While most of our toys are safe for anal use, some are made specifically for anal play - if that's what you're looking for, why not go right to the source?

If you're not sure what you want your new toy to do for you, choose something versatile that can provide pleasure in a number of ways. Classic g-spot vibrators like the Je Joue Uma, provide great internal vibration, but they're also perfect for external stimulation on a clitoris or the underside of a penis. Turn off your vibrator, and it becomes a dildo!

The above are just a few questions you may want to ponder while you browse. As you explore our selection each description provides information about the above. And don't forget, help and suggestions are just an e-mail away, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you're confused or looking for some extra suggestions.


Look & Feel

Besides the different types of sex toy materials that toys are made of (see sections on how to choose a vibrator and how to choose a dildo), there's how they look and feel. Consider, if you're looking at vibrators, that electric vibrators are heavier than battery-powered vibrators and rechargeable vibrators are somewhere in between; and that battery-powered vibrators have either internal or external battery packs. External ones are easier to manipulate while using the vibrator, but some people don't like the extra cord and pack. Rechargeable vibrators popular because they give you the best of both worlds - strong vibrations and great warranties, but without the cord!

Many dildos and some vibrators are "representational" or realistic complete with veins, head and balls; others, while phallic in overall shape, are completely innovative in the details. These features do add to sensation, but most people also respond to the way they look. Do you want a toy that mimics a penis, or not at all? The same is true of colour: Do you prefer a naturalistic skin colour or the funkiest, sparkliest available? This is a purely aesthetic decision (colour doesn't change how a toy feels).


If it's your first toy, we suggest you start with something that isn't too expensive - like a mini vibe, battery-powered vibe, or an inexpensive dildo. Finding what's right for you may take some experimentation, but there is nothing more disappointing than spending a lot of money on a toy you don't like. The less expensive toys don't last as long, but once you figure what you like you can always invest in a better quality toy if you like.

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