Learn About the G-Spot

We don’t believe that any spot on the body is some magic button that - once touched - will change your sex life forever.

Just like some of us get turned on by having our inner thighs caressed or our ears nibbled on, some people find that stimulating the g-spot is incredibly arousing and even orgasmic, while for others it does nothing at all. Don’t get us wrong, some of us love our g-spots, and we certainly believe there are lots of tips, techniques and toys that can help you explore!

Over the years we’ve noticed that too often people come to us convinced that there is something wrong with them because they can’t “find” their g-spot. The g-spot is just one of many potential points of pleasure, and what feels great to some might just not work at all for others. But by all means read, explore and enjoy! We offer a non-medical, pleasure-based approach to the g-spot and ejaculation.

Hitting The Spot!

The g-spot can be stimulated from inside the vagina and also from the outside of the body by pressing down just above the pubic bone (at the pubic hairline). It’s easiest to find the g-spot when already aroused as the area around it becomes engorged.

If you can insert your fingers (or a g-spot vibrator) into your own vagina follow these steps to find your g-spot:

  • Insert one or two fingers slowly into your vagina such that when you curl your finger it is pressing towards your belly. As you insert a finger notice how the walls of the vagina feel.
  • When you’ve got a finger half way in (or around the second knuckle) begin to curl your finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. You should feel an area on the upper wall that feels slightly ridged or bumpy. This is the area where your urethral sponge and g-spot are. The area responds to pressure.
  • Try rhythmically but gently pressing on the area or massaging it by moving your fingers in circles or in the ‘come hither’ motion.

Making A Splash!

If you find you enjoy the stimulation, keep it going while you stimulate yourself externally and see how an orgasm feels when stimulating the g-spot. For some people this won’t be much, for others it’s a very different orgasmic experience. Some people find that a fluid is released before or when they orgasm with g-spot stimulation.

This fluid is sometimes mistaken for urine but research indicates that in fact the chemical content is similar to ejaculate (without the sperm). It is usually clear and has no scent. The prevailing belief is that the fluid is released from glands and ducts surrounding the urethra.

The ability to ejaculate can be learned by most people. In our experience talking with thousands of people over the years it seems that some folks seem to learn it more easily than others, and some ejaculate significantly more than others.

We don’t believe anyone needs to learn to express fluid at the point of orgasm - but the exploration of sensation and pleasure in its own right is something we should all feel free to pursue. What’s important for us is that folks know that they need not feel ashamed or embarrassed about what is part of a healthy sexual response!

A Little Help From A Friend

Some people find their g-spot is easier to reach with a sex toy than with a finger. Toys can also offer different sensations, and can help keep our hands from getting tired out.

When looking for a g-spot toy you are probably looking to find something with a bit of a curve to help you reach up towards your belly. Many people also find that they prefer a harder toy that allows them to use a firmer pressure against their g-spot.

A g-spot toy might be a vibrating toy like the Je Joue Uma or might be stationary like the Glass Orchid. If you are looking for your first toy you probably want to limit how much you spend, and if the toy is vibrating ensure it has a variable speed - so you can find out what setting is right for you!

View all of our g-spot vibrators or learn more about vibrators. Our friends at Lelo have a great article about some new research on orgasms here!

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