Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

The Everyday Ecosexual

You don't have to sail to the UN to show you care deeply about the environment, and you don't have to be a Greta Thunberg to change the world!

Years ago, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens famously popularized ecosexuality as a distinct sexual identity, and while we don't believe you have to make sweet, sweet love to the earth to save the environment, there are so many choices we can make to ensure that we engage in sexual self-care while also minding the environment. Frankly, being disconnected from one's own body is part of how people become disconnected from other people, other beings, and the earth itself.

While we gear up for the official relaunch of our sex toy recycling program (the only one in North America!), we wanted to share some of the (easy!) ways to be eco-conscious in the world of sex.

  1. When you're thinking about picking up a brand new sex toy, the most ecologically responsible thing you can do is to buy a *really good* sex toy. When we purchase poorly made sex toys, they tend to break quickly and get landfilled often within a year of purchase. Rechargeable vibrators and electric plug-in vibrators last waaaay longer, and you'll find you won't have to replace them nearly as often.
  2. Avoid sex toys made of petroleum products - if you're debating between a jelly rubber toy that's literally made of oil, or a silicone toy made of silica (one of the most abundant minerals in the earth's crust), the choice is obvious. True silicone toys won't break down over time, and if you treat them well, they'll literally last forever. Further, if you do have to get rid of an old silicone toy, it won't leach chemicals into the earth and water systems.
  3. Buy local! When you purchase a locally made sex toy, you're saving the planet from the emissions caused by shipping a toy by plane or by ship from far away. It is win-win.
  4. Some sex toy companies - like Fuze Silicone - give a large portion of their profits to local environmental initiatives. Support manufacturers that actively support the environment in which we live.

  5. Go organic! Instead of stocking up on lubes and sensuals with chemical preservatives like parabens, get your hands on a natural and organic lubricant. It is better for your body, and better for the planet.

Do you have ways you help save the planet through your choices - sexual and otherwise? Let us know!

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