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Sex Information — Pumps and Pumping

Learn About Erections & Erectile Dysfunction

Changing Erections Erectile dysfunction (also known as 'ED') is a clinical term usually defined as the inability to develop and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual activity. We don't tend to think the idea of "normal" is helpful to experiencing sexual pleasure, and we know that even clinicians don't agree on how often or for how long you might have difficulties with erections before you would be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Here's what we know: everyone who gets erections will experience changes over time with how the erections might feel. They could get harder or softer, they may happen when...

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Learn About Pumping

We work hard to have many different types of sex toys that produce many types of sensation. While pumps may seem like less common sex toys than, say, butt plugs, bottles of lube (yes, lube is a sex toy!) or vibrators, pumps are no less valuable (or awesome) at providing a variety of wonderful and much appreciated sensations for people. What Is A Pump? A pump ­ in combination with a cylinder or cup ­ is used to create a vacuum on the body to pull blood to the surface of the skin. When used in an area of the...

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