Trans & Tucking Tape


Many people have turned to “trans tape” and “tucking tape” as cost effective ways of binding and tucking. We advise caution when applying adhesives and tape to the body as overuse and unsafe removal techniques can easily result in abrasions and damage to the skin.

However, when used and removed according to the manufacturers’ instructions, these tapes can be a great option for anyone looking for an alternative binders and gaffs.

We’ve put together this handy guide to using tapes safely and easily!


When using a new tape or adhesive on the skin, it is important to do a simple patch test on the skin to ensure the user does not have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the adhesive.

All of the binding and tucking tapes we stock are latex-free, but several use an acrylic adhesive that is marketed as “hypoallergenic”. However, some users have reported skin irritation when used. Some amount of redness and itching can be expected with all binding and tucking tapes.

We advise applying a small strip of the tape to the body and waiting at least 24 hours to ensure irritation won’t occur when the tape is applied to a larger area of the skin. Be sure to remove this sample tape as advised in the “removal” section of this guide. Before applying the tape, ensure the skin is clean, oil-free, and consider trimming hair in the area for superior adhesion. If binding, be sure to create a barrier between the nipple and the tape with toilet paper or a piece of gauze and a small piece of the tape. If tucking, use a section of toilet paper, gauze, or other material to protect the head of the penis and urethra from the adhesive tape.

Most tapes stretch significantly to allow the body to move naturally during binding or tucking, so bear this in mind when applying the tape. Some people cut each section of tape to create rounded corners to avoid curling or rolling.

Tear the protective paper down the middle, leaving it attached to the tape. Remove the first section and discard. Peel back the second section to create a handle to avoid touching the adhesive part, lessening the adhesive.

Tape Removal

All tapes used for tucking and binding must be removed with care and following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid tearing and abrasion. Generally, the longer the tape is applied to the skin, the more difficult it is to remove.

Before attempting to remove, thoroughly soak the tape on the body with oil - coconut oil works great! - and wait ten minutes for the oil to absorb. Slowly pull the tape back away from the skin applying more oil as needed. Wash and moisturize the skin once the tape is removed to encourage blood circulation and elasticity.

Safety Concerns

It is generally recommended to not wear tape for more than ten hours at a time. When binding with tape, bind loosely enough to not inhibit breathing and movement.

Whether using tape or a gaff, prolonged tucking can cause issues with fertility. The heat from the body will decrease sperm count over time.

If skin irritation or abrasion occurs, discontinue use immediately and wash any adhesive off the body.

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