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In 2009, Aneros celebrated the sale of their 500,000th Aneros prostate massager. It’s an incredible success story from a company that started just a year before we did, in 1996. Like many great sex toys, the Aneros developed from a simple idea that was then extremely well executed. The owners wanted to make a product that was specifically designed for prostate stimulation and that took into account both the relevant anatomy and the way people use prostate toys. When the Aneros first appeared on the market there were toys that we recommended for prostate massage, but none that were designed just for it.

Aneros also did something smart and very unusual for the time. They marketed Aneros both from a sexual health and sexual pleasure perspective. With comprehensive scientific, clinical, and anecdotal research, the makers of Aneros knew that regular prostate massage feels good but is good for you. This is something progressive retailers have been talking about for years, but it is rare from a manufacturer to make these connections. When folks ask why Aneros prostate massagers tend to cost more, it is ultimately because their research and development is so far beyond what others in the industry are doing and their products are way better.

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