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The Fleshlight began as an idea of Steve Shubin Sr., who was inspired to  make a better sex toy people with penises. Even though most sex toys were marketed to men, the acknowledged end user was always women, and for years men’s sex toys languished in obscurity - poor quality, over priced, and mostly uninventive. Steve got together with his son and they developed the unique material, design, and marketing campaign for what became the first mega-hit sex toy. The story goes that when they began making the Fleshlight they were in Texas and knew that customers wanted something discreet (particularly given the restrictive sex toy laws in Texas at the time) and so hit on the idea of disguising the toy as a flashlight…hence the name. The Fleshlight remains a sex toy without equal in terms of feel and durability.  Fleshlight products have always been phthalate free and should only be dusted with cornstarch (never talc).

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