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Adult & Educational DVDs

Adult videos and DVDs have come a long way since the early days and at Come As You Are we have collectively professionally watched porn for the past 30 years. We watch each and every DVD we stock online and in our shop in Toronto, Canada, and we’re proud of our carefully curated selection of erotic and educational DVDs from today’s best porn auteurs. From feminist porn and indie and alt porn, to the best of the best mainstream porn - porn with a storyline and hardcore porn with no storyline - we work hard to find porn that works for you!

We watch a lot of porn at Come As You Are, and Erika Lust's films have become a very special treat that we look forward to. Gorgeously conceived and filmed, Lust's intricate and artistic attention to detail will leave you...
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Buckle up for over 4 hours of smart, fiercely erotic adult cinema in the 9th DVD of XConfessions: this time it's double! From snowy ski sex to the girl's fight club; dance, laughter, passion, submission.

Every day, anonymous people from...
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XConfessions' eighth volume contains the widest breadth of predilections yet. There is passion, romance and tenderness. Kinky exploration and exhibitionism, imagination, artistry and two short films from our Guest Directors.

Every day, anonymous people from all over the world...
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Erika Lust's XConfessions has wowed the socks off us! Ten true confessions shot in Erika Lust's signature style are densely lush and cinematically gorgeous. For lovers of high production, you will...
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Film buffs will love this film! Life Live Lust features three well-shot and acted short films (with little dialogue and only in Spanish) all directed by Erika Lust. For those looking for less explicit, cinema quality short sexy films, this...
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An excellent educational video giving step-by-step instructions for genital massage. Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer together teach over thirty different massage strokes on the vulva to arouse and relax. Three segments demonstrate the different techniques: Betsy massaging her lover Emilie,...
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Learn the art of male genital massage with your host and snappy dresser Dr. Joseph Kramer. Warm ups and breathing techniques are discussed and demonstrated, with many types of hands-on rhythm stroking and massage methods presented in an in-depth but...
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A great title exploring the g-spot and female sexuality for couples. An excellent collection of real couples discuss their techniques and experiences as well as demonstrate their abilities together. Great for fans of ejaculation videos as well as those who...
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Dr. Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., founder of The New School of Erotic Massage and the Body Electric School, presents advanced training in anal massage for lovers. Hosted by Dr. Carol Queen and Dr. Robert Lawrence, this program explores the fine art...
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This video is the result of twenty-five years of research on how to eroticize the whole body by stimulating the genitals. Learn from multiple educators and bodyworkers about the full spectrum of penis massage: lovemaking with a partner, selfloving, erotic...
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This anthology of erotic touch offers resources from a myriad of sex educators, tantra teachers, sexological bodyworkers, and orgasmic yoga coaches. This includes notable people such as Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle, Betty Dodson, and more!

Experience the full spectrum...
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Self Anal Massage

This video covers hygiene, prostate stimulation, hip awakening exercises and much more. Oriented towards cis men. Another Joseph Kramer/Body Electric production, Uranus takes a "new age" approach to sexual fulfillment.

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From the author of one of our favourite books, Female Ejaculation and the G Spot, expert Debora Sundahl covers the what, why, and wherefores of female ejaculation. Hear explanations and see plenty of demonstrations by Carol Queen, Baja, Fanny Fatale,...
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Sinclair’s Volume 2 DVD features more scenes of passionate sex between the couples in Volume 1 and addresses in a straight-forward manner some issues of later life enjoyment, such as back pain, decreased lubrication, erectile dysfunction, and changing bodies. A...
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Sex. The possibilities are endless... Watch in detail as real couples explore the pleasure of anal erotic encounters. Couples who wish to leave no territory uncharted will find this program to be an incredible asset. You'll discover helpful tips to...
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Two hours of erotic teaching for your hands and hearts!

Anastasia and Destin are artists and sex educators learning how to be an erotic couple. In this class, they demonstrate the ways they use erotic touch to expand pleasure, to...
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Peter Denger, a meditator for thirty-five years, demonstrates this mindfulness massage twice—once on a woman and once on a man. There is nothing for the receiver to do except to be aware. The receiver is asked be attentive to their...
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Have you every thought about trying out one of the most fantasized about sex activities ever? If you've been tempted by having a threesome, or if you've had one and wanted to improve your technique, Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to...
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Learn the ins and outs of dildos, vibrators, anal beads, slings, and more with Nina Hartley as your explicit guide.  This title combines explicit sex and sex toy use to both inspire and provoke.

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Betty Dodson brings together a diverse group of women of all ethnicities, ages, and experiences, to speak to their own personal experiences with masturbation, sexuality and orgasm. This highly enlightening and empowering DVD lets us into these private women’s thoughts...
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Prepare your body for one of the most pleasurable experiencesavailable! This video guides you through a variety of breathing exercises, masturbation strokes, and philosophy designed to help you achieve sexual pleasure in an entirely different way. Slightly "new age" in...
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First released in 1979, L.A. Tool & Die DVD is the final entry in Joe Gage’s gay porn trilogy.  We’ve always had this title for rent in-store, but we’re thrilled to finally have this classic film available once again for...
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Another great educational film from the folks at Sinclair institute. Here, we learn about different types of orgasms, location and function of the g spot, recommended positions for stimulating the g spot, and a how-to for achieving female ejaculation. Male...
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Have fun getting to know your g-spot with a little help from Nina Hartley! This time we learn about where the g-spot is located and tricks, techniques and toys to get the most out of your experiences. She also touches...
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A gentle and thorough introduction to the art of slow and sensual sex. Nina Hartley walks us through all the necessary steps to prolonging pleasure. Two couples explicitly demonstrate kissing, oral sex, the importance of playfulness, and finally the secrets...
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For those who like to watch, and those who want to learn, this explicit guide to double penetration features Nina Hartley’s first double penetration, and offers both guidance and two heart thumping examples of porn’s raunchy taboo sex act.

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Explore new ways to have sex, and master those old stand-bys with Tristan Taormino and the Expert Guide to Positions. Learn about factors to consider when choosing a position (angle and access, friction, orgasm, mood, etc), how to alter favourite...
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Tristan Taormino debunks myths and stereotypes around men's anal pleasure, while giving the viewer helpful hints and tips around safer sex, toys, lube, great ways to stimulate the prostate, and much more. Couples talk about how they incorporate anal play...
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Finally, super hot, independent, sex positive porn by trans women and their partners of all sorts of genders. Doing It Ourselves is a much needed and much anticipated new film that we're super excited about - groundbreaking, sexy and fun....
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The box cover isn't lying when it announces, "You've gotta see Buck!". There is literally something for everyone. Buck Angel does it all and more in this super hot movie that pays no regard to "traditional" or "typical" gender roles....
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Why have so few experienced the wonders of soft cock erotic massage?

Would you be interested if it were possible to orgasm from soft cock erotic massage?

Ursula, Jesse and Tho are skilled erotic bodyworkers. They offer a master class...
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Nina Hartley has come out with a very important new DVD, the Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy. This is a topic that isn't discussed often but lots of people have questions about! Made in a way that caters very...
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Ever wanted explicit demonstrations of sex toys to make your shopping easier? Sinclair has provided yet another excellent educational title with lots of information and scenes of intimate play accessorized with a variety of toys. Heterosexual focus. Features Spanish Option.

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Ever wondered what it might be life to be part of the "lifestyle"? This new guide to swinging, endorsed heavily by Tryst magazine, takes you from the first thought about swinging, to choosing where and how you might go about...
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The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist

Sick is a startlingly introspective journey into the life of performance artist Bob Flanagan who suffered from cystic fibrosis throughout his 42 years. This disturbing, poignant, and disarmingly funny documentary examines his...
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Two Girls And A Guy

Learn to make your fantasies come to life with this explicit guide to threesome sex with two women and one guy. Nina makes sure everyone stays busy and in the action, and provides advice and...
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Exploring Guilty Pleasures features commentary by Dr. Herb Samuels and Louise Andre-Saulnier who address the basic myths about S/M, anal eroticism, and the guilt many associate with sexual fantasies. This title is geared towards those who are just starting a...
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Anal sex guru Tristan Taormino, of Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (book and video) fame, is back with the ultra slick Expert Guide to Anal Sex. Shot in High Definition, Tristan conducts a workshop with demonstrations to start,...
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You read it right, ADVANCED anal! Tristan Taormino is never a disappointment with her unrelenting dedication to getting us the facts in her usual sex positive and healthy way that we’ve come to know and love. Tips and tricks for...
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Fearless Revealing

Tobi Hill-Meyer has brought us yet another installation of her groundbreaking series exploring trans women's relationships and desires! This series provides a holistic and multifaceted look at how trans women relate to their sex lives and partners by...
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This best selling series from Sinclair offers a fresh look at the strip tease, from history, to building self-confidence, to developing erotic scenarios. Basic dance moves are demonstrated in a class-like setting followed by explicit sex scenes of couples engaging...
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