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Satisfyer Suction Vibrators

Dimensions: 6.5" x 2.5"

The Satisfyer Pro 2 combines suction and pulsation together to create an inventive and different sensation. Designed for folks with clitorises, the Satisfyer can be held near, or placed directly against the clit for a sensation that’s unlike any other...
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Regular price $71.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 3.94" x 1.38"

Are you looking for a small, strong, versatile sex toy that doesn’t just vibrate? The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is an exciting release that offers just that! Designed to be compact in the hand, this toy features features a generous 1/2"...
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Regular price $49.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 4.25 " x 2.3"

Meet the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. Featuring 11 modes of suction plus vibration, this waterproof and USB rechargeable sex toy offers a wide range of sensation. The modes range from a low pulsing suction emitting from a clitoris-friendly tip to a...
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Regular price $71.00 CAD — In Stock
This neat little silicone ring from Satisfyer is one of the most powerful mini vibrators we've encountered in a long time. Fully waterproof, rechargeable via USB, and made of soft stretchy silicone, the Satisfyer Vibro Ring comes complete with 10...
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Regular price $38.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 5.63" x 2.13"
Curious to try out suction-based sensation, but looking to do so on a budget? The Satisfyer 1 offers the same sensation opportunities as it's rechargeable counterparts, and for a cheaper price tag! Offering a combination of suction and vibration, this...
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Regular price $40.00 CAD — In Stock
Dimensions: 6" x 3"

This hand-held vibrating insertion toy from Satisfyer is sure to knock a whole lotta people's socks off! With an extra-wide opening, two motors, and a narrowing internal chamber for even more stimulation, this is one of the strongest toys for...
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Regular price $62.00 CAD — Sold Out
<p>Lost track of the soft silicone tip for your favourite Satisfyer toy? We've got replacements! Pack of 5.
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Regular price $20.00 CAD — In Stock
A juicy addition to our collection of pressure / suction toys, the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration offers a new design with an additional vibration function. It combines intensive, non-contact pressure-wave stimulation intended for bodyparts such as clitorises with a strong...
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Regular price $76.00 CAD — In Stock

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