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Urethral Sounds & Sounding

Length: 2.5"
Width: 0.5"

Used to stimulate the urethral passage, this plug is a wonderful option for folks interested in sounding, but unsure about investing in an entire set of sounds. Made out of non-porous and boil-able silicone, this soft and flexible penis plug... Read more

Regular price $44.00
Length: 1.8"
Width: 0.40"
Urethral sounding and play can take many forms. Penis plugs can be less expensive than kits, yet still provide a great sensation and power play option. This solid stainless steel toy can be used to stimulate the opening of the... Read more
Regular price $60.00
Sounding is a practice where folks stimulate the urethral opening and passage, often with urethral sounds, designed specifically for urethral play and exercise. These stainless steel sounds have been designed with bulbous 'rosebud' or 'bullet' tips - designed to provide... Read more
Regular price $106.00