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Feels Zine

Feels Zine

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The Sexy Issue

Let’s get sexy! In a world with a lot going on, sometimes we just gotta take the time to feel good about ourselves, for ourselves, and on our own terms. How do we push back against what we are told is and isn’t “sexy” and figure out what turns us on? Issue 18 explores how we get to a place of seeing ourselves as worthy and desirable, how sexiness can empower us, how we celebrate it, and how we express ourselves as the sensual, gorgeous creatures we are.


The Shame Issue 

An affair. A diagnosis. An old family video. An unexpected pregnancy. An embarrassing dinner party. Emotional baggage. Incriminating desire. An interview with JP King on our relationship with waste. Find all of these stories and more in our Shame issue.


The Freedom Issue 

What does it look like to fight for freedom? What does it mean to be untethered and free? In an unjust world, how do we find liberation? In Issue 12, we explore the internal struggles, the external forces, and how we make our place as the unique souls we are.


The Safe Issue 

Safety is something we all need, want, and deserve to feel, yet may not always be our reality. When we dig in, what does feeling safe truly mean for us? What is needed to feel secure? In Issue 14, we explore the personal and structural obstacles to feeling safe, the journeys we have taken in search of security, and what we do once we find it.

This issue comes with a bonus 8x10 foldout poster inside


The Acceptance Issue

There is peace and calm in letting go and allowing ourselves to sink into a place of embracing things as they are. Acceptance can be hard-won, as we learn to accept ourselves, our surroundings, and the things we cannot change. How does it feel to reach a place of apathy, acknowledgement, or contentment? How does this impact our perspective? Issue 20 explores how we get to a place of peace, the journey to get there, and how the experience reflects inward.

Specifications for Feels Zine

  • Author: Abby Nowakowski, AJ Lorel, Beck Jones, Braden Alexander, cait thomson, Daphne Fay Boxill, Deanna Armenti, Emma Loomis, Emma Rhodes, Eva Lynch-Comer, Fidelia Schlegl, Jocelyn Anderson, Jonathan Virginia Green, Josh Dixon, Julia Barczewska, Kamilah Valentin Diaz, Madeleine Lychek, Monika Madrak, Nicolae Negura, Olga Przytula, Rachel Kirstein, Raychelle Heath, Reina Davis, Samantha Williams, Sho Ritco + Danya Gorodetsky, Sierra Iverson, Taylor Yingshi, Winona So + many anonymous contributors. Cover illustration by Nicolae Negura.
  • Pages: 60
  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Year: 2017-2023
  • Binding: Zine
  • ISBN: 9781621066606
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