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6Whips Premium Leather Flogger

6Whips Premium Leather Flogger

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6Whips - an awesome indie Canadian company - has stolen our hearts with their gorgeous high quality handmade leatherwork. This Premium Flogger is a stunning implement - handcrafted using high quality materials, and, is thoughtfully counter weighted to ensure a comfortable hold and smooth swing.

This flogger features a black braided handle, tails cut from high quality & incredibly supple full grain chrome tanned leather - and, cut in such a way that they will not stretch over time. The tail tips are finished with a mild point, which offers a little extra sting! The beautiful grade and finish of this leather means that it offers a delicious combination of thuddy percussion and sting. 

Tail Length = 20"
Handle Length = 8"
Overall Length = 32"


Specifications for 6Whips Premium Leather Flogger

  • Made of Leather
  • Made in Canada
  • Weight: 380g
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Customer Reviews

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I. (Alberta, Canada)
Highly recommended!

I own a number of floggers and I can definitely say that these 6whips floggers are the best of the lot.

They are weighted so that you can balance weight of the handle against the weight of the falls on the palm of your hand.

They are very durable. Looking at them you just cannot figure out where the weak point is.

They are beautiful: they show well in all the naughty photos!

This particular flogger would be a great start for anyone's collection. The full length of the falls will build good speed, but it's not so heavy it will bruise too much.

It's getting so hard to find a store that carries quality bdsm gear now. Come as you are has elevated themselves by associating with this artisan (Joe) and I can see the other products they carry are not only harder to find but a step above the usual in quality also.


A really beautiful implement. Sturdy yet elegant, well-balanced, and provides a really nice range, sensation-wise... everywhere from soft to sting, a thud to a thwack. Pointed tips of the tassels work especially well in providing sting. Highly recommend