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6Whips Premium Leather Flogger

Regular price $220.00

6Whips - an awesome indie Canadian company - has stolen our hearts with their gorgeous high quality handmade leatherwork. This Premium Flogger is a stunning implement - handcrafted using high quality materials, and, is thoughtfully counter weighted to ensure a comfortable hold and smooth swing.

This flogger features a black braided handle, tails cut from high quality & incredibly supple full grain chrome tanned leather - and, cut in such a way that they will not stretch over time. The tail tips are finished with a mild point, which offers a little extra sting! The beautiful grade and finish of this leather means that it offers a delicious combination of thuddy percussion and sting. 

Tail Length = 20"
Handle Length = 8"
Overall Length = 32"


Made of Leather
Made in Canada