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BS Atelier Trans Pride

Length: 6"
Width: 1.75"

Regular price $86.00

Sometimes we buy things for all of you, and sometimes, well, we just buy stuff because we think it is just so undeniably amazing that we kinda don't care if they sell or not. We originally picked up BSisNice's stylish Spanish dildos because well, they made us happy - and it turned out that they made an awful lot of you happy too! This year, in honour of Pride being a little more proud of us and us being a little more proud of Pride, we've picked up this beautiful Barcelonian TransPride dildo - just the thing to match that oversized trans flag and outfit we know you've already got picked out.

Length: 6" Width: 1.75"

Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: A Little Give

Tags: Anal Compatible | Dildos | Harness Compatible | Indie | Made in Spain | Non-Realistic | Non-Vibrating Toys | Phthalate-Free | Silicone |