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Doxy Die Cast Massager

Regular price $264.00

Get your hands - and other body parts - on this remarkably powerful, die-cast version of the UK's Doxy Massager. This amazing plug-in vibrator/massager works with all of your favourite Hitachi Magic Wand attachments, and the variable-speed, LED-lit, push button controls give you all of the control and power you ever wanted out of a plug-in vibe. Enjoy the truly variable speed nature of this toy by holding down the speed control buttons to move intensity from the lower range (around 3000 RPMs) to the higher range (9000 RPMs) of sensation. Enjoy a variable duration of pulsation by pressing & holding the power button for different lengths of time to dictate the pattern. Shorter duration of hold means faster escalations. Made of cold chamber die cast titanium and aluminum and featuring an extra-weighted motor with extra thuddy vibration, this is the sexy metal vibe you've been waiting your whole life for... or maybe we're just projecting. Features a firm silicone head, made with love in the UK.

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