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Fun Factory Fun Cup B

Fun Factory Fun Cup B

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This gender neutral menstrual cup kit from Fun Factory is a delightful addition to the high-quality offerings from Fun Factory! Included is one Fun Cup Size B, plus a storage bag. Featuring a comfortably shaped design, and, light texturing at the tip to help with insertion and removal, these made in Germany silicone cups are sure to be a classic in a hot second!

The Size B Kit details!:

  • 5.82 cm/2.29” long, 4.32 cm/1.7” diameter, 30ml volume
  • Sofer silicone intended to offer a comfortable fit for those with heavier flows
  • Good for heavy flows, folks who have given vaginal birth, and people over 30

Get Size A for a firmer, smaller cup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
L. (Ontario, Canada)
Great alternative to diva cup

This menstrual cup is more flexible than the diva cup and I prefer the lack of stem. If you like the “twist it to form a seal” aspect of the diva cup this one needs some getting used to because it’s angled so it definitely has a “front” side. Overall it’s very well made and feels very comfortable and secure.

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)

Easy to use, fits great, and is a cheaper option compared to Divacups (from what I've seen). Very happy that I've made the switch to rather than using pads/tampons!

J.S. (British Columbia, Canada)

Bought this one and the smaller size and it's more comfortable than my divacup so far. I'm not sure if this holds as much but I look that info up later. When I first took it out of the packaging, I noticed that this type of silicone collects a lot of lint. I washed it with soap and water, then boiled it for 3 mins according to the instructions. I guess that I'll need to dedicate a little pot for sterilizing. I like it the the "stem" is solid and doesn't collect stuff nor get discoloured.

Love it

It's easy to use. I like the tip, which I can pinch and pull out easily (as opposed to most other cups with a stem). It's also cute looking! I'm a big fan of Fun Factory in general :)