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Get Your Joey Packing Pouch Black

Get Your Joey Packing Pouch Black

Dimensions: 6"

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Handmade with love and pride in Canada, Get Your Joey Packing Pouch is designed to be a machine-washable packing pouch that can be pinned to other clothing!

Pop your favourite packer into this secure sleeve-like pouch, pass the shaft of your packer through the o-ring, and use the included safety pin to attach it to the waistline of whatever underwear, pants, or miniskirts you so choose! Designed for anyone seeking new and inventive ways to pack!

  • Cotton front, poly cotton lining
  • Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial polyester back
  • Locking head pin (nickel and plastic)
  • Hole is elasticized with an O-ring
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry (remove pin before laundering)

Also available as a Swimmer Pouch!

Specifications for Get Your Joey Packing Pouch Black

  • Made of Cotton, Polyester
  • Made in Canada
  • Dimensions: 6"
  • Ring Diameter: 1.25"
  • Weight: 13g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
V.V. (Madrid, Spain)
Easy to use

I love being able to just pin it to my undies instead of being restricted to a jock strap

A.B. (Quebec, Canada)
I forget I'm wearing it

Comfortable, discreet, and easy to put on and adjust throughout the day. I've had mine for about 3 years (occasional use) and it's still in good condition.

S.J. (Ontario, Canada)
very cute

cute patterns good for not having a whole ass jock on you 247

N.G. (Ontario, Canada)
Such an Intuitive Packer Alternative

I was really shocked that I fell in love with the Joey, only because I was fearful that it would move around too much. But honestly, it is so comfortable, cute, good for multiple different uses, and easy. I would say that the pin it comes with is not my favourite and I wish there was a better way to secure things, but that is the only downside for me. Sometimes complex gender gear is overwhelming and makes me feel unnatural, but this does not. Really love it!

Affordable + useful

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Can be repositioned to fit different underwear, etc. Like that it comes in different cute patterns.

New to packing - easy and fun pouch

I bought the Get Your Joey Packing Pouch for use with the Fleshlight Mr Limpy X-Small. It fits well and holds this packer securely and naturally in a position that's lovely and visible in my underwear, but discreet in my trousers. I find it easy to load the packer into the pouch using the company's recommended method. (Turning the pouch inside out, positioning the packer, then turning the pouch right side out again.)

The fabric that's against the skin is soft and comfortable -- what I'm finding so far is that I feel my packer sitting in place, but I don't really feel the Joey pouch itself because it's so comfortable. The decorative fabric on the side that faces away from the body is a stiffer texture. I really like the whimsical design options, and am happy with the unicorn design of my pouch!

I had trouble wrangling the safety pin the first time, but after a couple of times I am finding it easy to poke it through the pouch and my underwear. It's the kind that won't come undone by itself, so I'm not worried about getting poked if I'm bending and twisting. (Note: If you're concerned about poking holes through your underwear, you may be interested in looking at the New York Toy Collective's packing pouch. It has a magnet closure.)

These are machine washable, but they're also super-easy to hand wash in the sink, and they hang dry quickly.

Now that I know I like these, I am planning to buy additional Joey pouches.

Useful, attractive, comfortable

It works great! Does exactly what it says it does, and has the added bonus of a creative design. Easy to clean as well.

This makes packing (life) so much easier.

Totally lightweight and awesome. I like that I can use it with my fave undies and that I don't have to buy some really expensive specialty underwear to pack properly. I just found out that these guys are in Winnipeg and make these pouches as a trans-employment thing. That's just so righteous.

It does what it says

I've been using this pouch for about a year now.

The pouch fits most packers well. I've only had trouble fitting in the x-small Fleshlight Ultimate Packer (Mr. Limpy) due to the large ball size. The material is comfortable against the skin and it dries quickly.

The only issue I've had with it is that the safety pin it comes with broke after about 6 months of use. This was with daily use and was easily remedied.