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Rattan Cane

Rattan Cane

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Canes are beautifully individual! Each one is magical in it's own way. And, caning is a beautiful BDSM practice. As a BDSM implement it can offer an expansive range of sensation from the deliciously sensual to the brutally unbearable. No matter which end of the cane you intend to be on, definitely practice on your own skin first so you can better appreciate the range of effects this simple toy can have!

Do be aware that these are approximations, and each cane is different (oh, the joys of hand-made implements)! Each cane is handmade with love and integrity here in Ontario by Canemaker Adrian. 

For a thuddier cane experience, check out the Leather Wrapped Canes from Spartacus!

 All sizes are approximate!

Specifications for Rattan Cane

  • Made of Rattan
  • Made in Canada
  • Weight: 30g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
V.L. (Quebec, Canada)

Partner really enjoys it! Definitely has more of a bite to it than the paddles we've typically used in the past, but leaves a nice mark. Good step into more intense impact play.

v.c. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Beautifully made cane! Lovely bounce and great middle-of-the-road length and size (personal preference, of course!). Plus a very good price-point.

Im not new to impact or caning, but this is the first rattan one I have purchased for my own collection and I'm very happy with it. Definitely a go-to.

D.N. (Ontario, Canada)
Nice Bite

I’ve bought a few of these and keep coming back. Simple classic with a great bite.

J.S. (Ontario, Canada)
WOW, I'm in love

I'm new to impact play and was a little hesitant about a cane. Not anymore!!!

This cane is not only esthetically beautiful, it feels amazing. My dom used it for the first time just yesterday and it felt amazing with the added advantage of leaving behind beautiful welts to remind me of our session.

I ended up going with the longer version and it works perfectly.

R.N. (Ontario, Canada)
Excellent cane

I have used delrin canes and the rattan school cane that CAYA used to sell, but this will be my go-to implement from now on. I ordered the longer one. It is nicely finished and well balanced, making it easy to handle. Unless you are an aficionado looking for something very specific, the width and whippiness on this is likely to give you exactly what you want out of a cane. The rainbow suede hanging loop is also a lovely touch.
Additionally, delivery packaging was very secure, so minimal risk of damage in transit.
10/10 would recommend, especially for the price. A classic piece.

I. (Alberta, Canada)
It kinda just bites

There's many reasons why you should consider having a rattan cane, but I've found them to be a good investment particularly for a Dom that's just starting out.

Let's face it, getting the gear together is a daunting task, but nothing says discipline like a rattan cane. They kind of just bite a little bit, they don't bruise too much. They're good for inexperienced subs and they hide well in plain sight. This one looks to have been sanded and glossed up a bit which makes it even easier to take and nice to run your fingers on. Easier to clean, too.

The short or long canes are both a good option, the shorter ones travel better but the longer ones are easier to wield in long sessions. Take your pick.

We're so glad that you love your cane! Canes however are considered to be on the more intense end of sensations, so while inexperienced users on both sides can have a good time, in order to avoid any injuries, it's best to start slow and work your way up.

C.B. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Tiny Cane with a Big Bite

I’m not new to impact play but I am new to caning, so I made the small cane as my first purchase. Here are my thoughts:

-This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The wood is smooth and polished as expected
-The cane is light, but stings when applied with the right amount of force
-Perfect for precise strikes
-The small cane is nice and portable, but be careful how you pack it
-Great for beginners

-The small might not be the right size if you have large hands. To me it’s like holding an even smaller drum stick.
-This will probably not cane someone’s entire bum. For localized impacts it’s perfect, but get a longer cane if you want to cane someone across their whole ass.
-Using a small cane can be more tiring because of the extra force you need to apply to make it sting