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Internal Condom FC2

Internal Condom FC2

Dimensions: 190mm x 165mm

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Made of latex-free nitrile, these condoms are typically worn by the receptive partner in sex. Like other condoms, the Internal Condom helps to prevent pregnancy and transmission of STIs by stopping semen from entering the partner's body. Unlike traditional condoms which are rolled onto a penis or sex toy, the Internal Condom is inserted vaginally or anally prior to sex. Sometimes known as the "female condom" or the FC2.

Length = 163-190mm, Width = 76-90mm.

Specifications for Internal Condom FC2

  • Paraben-free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Condom Length: 190mm
  • Condom Width: 165mm
  • Material Thinness: 0.055mm
  • Made of Nitrile
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Weight: 10g
  • Latex-free: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
M. (Ontario, Canada)
Second Time Using These, and honestly WHY AREN'T THEY MORE POPULAR!

I really could go on and write an essay about why female condoms are amazing, and (in my opinion and experience) better than traditional condoms for pleasure. It just allows for not only more skin coverage but sometimes the outer layer adds to clit stimulation too! My boyfriend and I swear by these condoms and I don't think we'll ever willingly go back to the regular kind. Come As You Are has the BEST prices, and I live quite a few hours away from Toronto, so even with shipping and delivery time it's the best place on the entire internet to buy these. I will be purchasing these again (I'm trying to get the word out and give some away to friends. These need to be more popular! They really are just better!)

M. (Ontario, Canada)
Best Experience Ever, I won't go back to regular condoms after these.

I got an internal condom from an event at my college and decided to try it out.. and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! My boyfriend and I both agree it was the most pleasurable sex we'd ever had. It just felt so much better than regular condoms and we've been looking EVERYWHERE for more. You will not regret it. They are not only easy to use, but i had NO irritation, and they cover more external skin for extra protection. They are so hard to find and this site is a blessing, I will be ordering more from here!

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Excellent value

I prefer these to regular condoms, and Come As You Are has the best price in the city that I could find. Thanks!

V.M. (Ontario, Canada)

bar none.
non-latex (because that archaic material smells and tastes terrible)
insertive (so there's no tight restriction around the penis)
covers more (see tight restriction around penis above... in addition can confirm that having had menses sex while using one of these, my partner pulled out after orgasm removing the condom with him [I advise this over leaving the barrier in, it contains better] which was covered in blood and when he removed it, there was no blood on him at all)
in addition, as a person with an IUD I have had no issues with the strings exiting my cervix

B. (Ontario, Canada)
Good for those experiencing ongoing pain, infections etc.

Not talked about enough is that these are a great option for people experiencing spotting or on their period, ongoing pain or irritation during sex due to vaginal imbalances (BV etc. that reoccur or random imbalances that doctors don't know how to diagnose. Obviously seek treatment first and reduce penetration when symptoms are severe, but this is a great option if symptoms don't fully resolve or reoccur and you just want penetrative sex). Reduces friction and irritation for the person with the vagina significantly and reduces direct contact with lube if the person with the vagina find lube throws off their balance easily. Also great for use with toys for the same reasons. Kinda fiddly to use but worth it for anyone with ongoing challenges.

S.R. (Alberta, Canada)
Fantastic, way better than expected

These are honestly amazing!

I had put off trying them for almost two decades of being sexually active, because as a teen, my oldest sister had told me female/internal condoms were awful, and sounded like a crinkly bag with every thrust.

Apparently that was an older generation of internal condoms, because these ones really don't add much sound to sex.

They can be put in upto hours ahead of time, which I've utilized for sex with new/casual partners when I'm menstruating (with a light flow, might not be as successful if your flow is heavy,) and didn't want a partner to see red (not because there's anything wrong with seeing red, just that many penetrating partners aren't ready for it on a first encounter or ONS).

They are a tiny bit of work to get in, but once in, I found the internal condom to be comfortable, and to stay put quite well. As a bonus, on the one occasion it didn't stay put, I immediately felt things were off, which doesn't happen with external condoms.

Putting a bit of lube inside can help your partner get in, as the lube on the condom is less than what some vaginas might produce, and less than what I would add to my vagina for ideal sex.

These condoms can accomodate penises of any size I've encountered (which includes a wide range on both sides of average, including one person who has to order large condoms from England, as nothing they've found here fits comfortably), and for penis havers who might have any erectile issues, a partially erect penis can enter them much easier than having an external condom forced onto it.

Literally the only downsides are cost, aesthetics, and that once it's on you can't really experience a full range of cunnilingus (but for clitoral stimulation the outer ring can be moved aside).


Exciting!! Felt so good!!💥💥💥

Not the sexiest - but great for sexy times.

Honestly, they aren't the most sexy to use. You insert it like you would a nuva ring, and then there's going to be a bag hanging out in/slightly out of your vagina. But does it work? Hell yes - male partners might benefit from feeling a more direct stimulation as its no longer their bits tightly wrapped, and you both will benefit from the fact that it offers a barrier that is less likely to tear, and covers a greater amount of skin around the orifice to help protect against STI's that condoms may not appropriately cover (ex: HPV/HSV).

Internal condoms are harder to find, however this brand always seems to pop up.

Internal condoms are harder to find, however this brand always seems to pop up. They're hard to use solo but do work as intended and seem worth it if your partner does not enjoy external condoms