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LA Pumps Deluxe Brass Pump

LA Pumps Deluxe Brass Pump

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Brassy and bold and easy to control! This Deluxe Brass Pump from LA Pumps makes one-handed pumping easy, and the included gauge gives you a visual representation of how much vacuum pressure you're applying. Hose included, or grab a T-Hose to add a second cylinder.

Specifications for LA Pumps Deluxe Brass Pump

  • Weight: 520g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
K.M. (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Quality pump!

This is not the first pump I've tried but it's the last. It's easy to use. The pressure gauge is helpful. Lots of options for attachments.

P.u.y.l. (Ontario, Canada)
Pressure to Pump

This is a quality pump. We had the battery powered LA Pump that was definitely convenient and easy to use but the first time it got wet, poof, never worked again. This model is robust and easily surpasses battery powered pump in suction/pressure ability. Looking forward to many years of use!

C. (Alberta, Canada)
Hefty boy

Heavy and sturdy! Works absolutely perfect with the pumps I have ;) It's well worth the price and pumped the ol' donut with the strength of a thousand suns!

L.G. (Alberta, Canada)
Amazing !

Super powerful, beautiful construction! Best pump on the market !

G.H. (Ontario, Canada)
Top shelf

I have tried a few mid range suction products and was moderately satisfied.
The LA pumps are a cut above they don’t fall off they don’t give up you can set the psi to what is comfortable and sustainable. If your into suction play this is head and shoulders above your average product. Haven’t had them long so I hope they are durable but seems that way.

A. (British Columbia, Canada)
Don’t even hesitate

This is the second pump I’ve tried, because I was wary of committing to something at this price point without knowing whether I’d give it any use in the long run. Folks, I made a bad call! This should have been my original purchase; it’s high quality, and being able to adjust the pressure and actually keep the suction on (vs cheaper pumps that require constant pumping to keep the suction from fading away) is a huge advantage, especially for beginners. Being able to disconnect the hose from the cylinder is also a massive bonus; I can easily imagine it fitting inside a sleeve-style prosthetic like the TS Joystick (sorry for mentioning non-CAYA products, but it’s a thing!). If you do choose to go the route of trying to fit it inside a sleeve-style thing, make sure to keep the pressure reaaaal low and don’t leave it on for long, because protecting your bits and your body is even cooler than this pump.

I have used this pump on a number of occasions and found it to be much superior to the another st...

I have used this pump on a number of occasions and found it to be much superior to the another style of pump that I have used. The construction of this pump is made to last. It is effective in developing suction and keeping it. The vacuum pressure gauge is very helpful in determining a comfortable range of pressure from one use to another.

luxe pump

This is a well made pump in my opinion well worth the price tag. Personally I especially appreciate the sturdy gauge and handle, and the cylinder attachment as well as I find it quite smooth and sexy to operate. In my experience the handle is able to deliver a very satisfying amount of leverage for suction and I've found it enjoyable and relaxing to gain various desired pressures play after play.