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LELO Mona Wave

Length: 3.25"
Width: 1.25"

Regular price $215.00

Lelo has been taking amazing strides these last few years with their development of toys like the Ida and Ora: not only are they phenomenal vibrators, but they provide other types of sensation, like rotation, as well. With the announcement of the Mona Wave, we're seeing the next exciting step on this path. The Mona Wave features both vibration and a rocking 'come hither' motion. Seriously. The possibilities for g-spot or prostate massage with a pulsating, undulating sex toy is blowing our minds.
Length: 3.25" Width: 1.25"

Vibrator Sound Level: Vibrator Loudness Rating: Loud
Vibrator Strength: Vibrator Strength Rating: Very Strong
Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Firm

Tags: G-Spotter | Motion Toys | Phthalate-Free | Rechargeable Vibrators | Silicone | Vibrating Toys | Waterproof |

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