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Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw

Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw

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This plush throw is designed to be used to keep things clean(er) on the sheets! One side of this blanket is a soft plush microfiber, and the other is a silky satin. A moisture barrier sewn between these two layers keeps your bedding (or kitchen floor!) clean and spotless while you’re in the throes of passion. Machine washable - hang to dry recommended.
Also available in travel size.

Specifications for Liberator Fascinator Waterproof Throw

  • Made in USA
  • Waterproof: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
M.T. (British Columbia, Canada)
comfortable, waterproof, and washable

It hits the trifecta of comfortable, waterproof, and washable.

Greg S. (Ontario, Canada)
So far, so great

We've used this several times and it's delightful to sleep in a dry bed after fun times. Would definitely recommend as it seems quite durable and is really nice to play around on. Great service and fast shipping too, which is sweet. Get yourself and/or your partner(s) one of these. You'll be very happy you did.

S.R. (Alberta, Canada)
Works great for watersports

Most of the reviews are about squirting, so I felt like I was making a bit of a costly gamble when I bought this for what I intended it for.

(Turn back if you don't like wet messy kink).

I've used this a few times now, for very "water" heavy watersports.

This blanket can hold a LOT of fluid. I can almost guarantee that it won't leak for any quantity of fluid you can produce via squirting.

It can handle 2-3 full adult bladders of water on it (and it's not like it leaked at that point. It was just very wet and squishy so I threw it in the wash).

Only downsides are, if you have it so that it's at an angle (for example, draped over furniture), and you pour fluids on it very rapidly, they might roll down (and off) the fabric before soaking into it.

Also I heard hanging it to dry will make it last longer, so I do that. It takes over 24 hours to dry, so, if you need it more frequently than that, you might want to invest in more than one.

But I love it and would absolutely buy again. Best waterproof blanket I've ever used, and way more convenient than stacking several towels.

H.C. (Ontario, Canada)
Best purchase ever

I was hesitant to drop $200 on a solution to a problem that I had been solving with bath towels for years. That said, this waterproof throw is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is beautiful, it feels luxurious, it is easy to wash, it more less stays put, it has never failed. Great for squirting or heavy period flow; I have even used it as bedding for toddlers who are toilet training. Very versatile. Like others have said, I only wish it was available in an even bigger size.

C. (British Columbia, Canada)

Makes cleanup easy for any squirting related fun. Feels nice to touch and good weight. Highly recommended.

C. (Ontario, Canada)
Heck Yeah!

As promised this throw contains all sex and masturbation related spills. As a squirter who makes a lot of spills, it was absolutely amazing to be able to just remove this throw and just get into bed. It washes out beautifully too, even if you need to sleep first.

Despite the moisture barrier, this throw is still flexible enough to be moulded to a couch or chair. Turn all your furniture into sex furniture!

It also looks enough like a regular blanket that if you're like me and forget to put things away when your parents come over (oops) it doesn't look like you've left your sex toys out.

K. (Ontario, Canada)
A must have!!!

This is my second liberator blanket and I love love love love love them! This is a must have for any squirter!!!!!
These are an investment but it will save your mattress. My first one is about a year old and used multiple times a week and is still in perfect shape, so I'm happy with the quality. Love how big it is! As far as absorption these things are amazing. My only slight criticism is it's hard to see the wet spots .... so a photo doesn't really show how soaked it gets lol.
This gets an A+++++++ from a very squirty girl

N.W. (British Columbia, Canada)
Large and does the job well

Solidly made, nice on the skin, and very durable. Worth considering the travel size if you don’t care to cover your whole bed.

M.G. (Ontario, Canada)
Love this throw!

I absolutely love this throw, despite the price! It seems well made, it is 100% waterproof, the material feels comfortable and non-abrasive. It also has a good weight too it, so it will stay put and won't move around or bundle up with action. I only wish it was a bit larger!