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Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount

Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount

Dimensions: 20" x 12"

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Scope out the Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount when planning a riding or grinding sex play adventure. Great for solo and couple use, this hands-free sex toy positioning pillow has an amazing insert for a vibrator or dildo (sold separately, obvs), but sadly, the insert is not big enough for wand vibrators.

As with the Liberator Jaz and the Liberator Wedge, the Wing works as a sex position pillow. Liberator "shapes" are designed to make common (and not-so-common) sex positions more physically accessible, and the Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount does this and holds onto a sex toy during play.

This sex toy mount can be straddled or ridden with a dildo or vibrator in place at the end, or it can be used to enable all sorts of solo or couple sex positions. Usable by people of all genders, the Wing works with dildos and vibrators.

The Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount is made of Liberator's amazing water-resistant microfibre material to ensure this sex toy mount is easy to keep clean and dry. Machine washable cover. 

24"L x 15"W x 9"H

Specifications for Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Soft

  • Made of Foam, Microfibre
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 20" x 12"
  • Waterproof: Water-resistant
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Customer Reviews

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G.V. (Alberta, Canada)
Versatile and Sexy

I love the Liberator Wing! Unlike the Pulse, it has rounded edges that won't dig into your partner's thighs when they try to ride it "on top" or bent over on all fours. It's about the size of a large pillow and is easy to discreetly keep in the bedroom if you're worried about judgmental guests. My partner actually uses it as a body pillow at night after she throws on a silkier pillow cover to keep cool.

For sex it is wonderfully versatile. It is a real treat to watch your partner slowly ride a dildo that is propped into the slit up top (you will need a toy with a flared base). If you're an online performer this is a great way to get some good viewing angles for your audience. It also allows for easy double penetration that is much more comfortable and hands free.

For us specifically, we love that the channel allows you to slide in a longer, straight vibrator or a wand. If your clit requires extra "pressure" to orgasm then this feature is very much for you. You get to put as much or as little pressure as you need onto your lady bits while getting the best rumbly action from your vibe/wand.

For play that involves fewer toys it is still very useful. I would recommend using it to prop up your partners hips for missionary. The clitoral nerve network runs along the anterior side of the vaginal walls (ie. side closest to her tummy). This gives you a great angle for what is usually very stimulating penetration. It also will help your partner be more comfortable in doggy.

I'm sure there are other ways to use this toy that I'm missing but it really is a great pick.

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Best mount ever!

If you want to ride your dildo or against your vibe hands-free, you can mount it with this. Firm enough to support you, removable cover and machine washable.