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Oh Joy Sex Toy

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Oh joy, indeed! Following an inspiring crowdfunding campaign, Erika Moen's beautiful, educational, and entertaining Oh Joy Sex Toy has emerged in book form - and we're among the very first to have it in our hands and in our shop. Whether you're an original Dar fan or you're just looking for a fun way to learn about the wild world of sex toys, we heartily recommend this thoroughly sex-positive guide (and reviews!) of so many of the amazing sex products the world has to offer. We've always had a weird relationship with sex toy review sites - they're often dependent on the toys that companies comp them, which means that the smaller indie companies with no cash never get reviewed - but we tend to agree with most of what Oh Joy Sex Toy has to say, and heck! Stoya is in it, so how could we not? By Erika Moen, 265 pages, 2014. Published by Erika Moen.