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Playing Well With Others

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While some sex education books focused on BDSM might instruct you in some detail how to deliver a spanking, this book guides you through the world of people you might you want to spank, how to negotiate the spanking, etiquette in different sex communities and even what to wear based on the type of gathering. For the experienced kinkster, this book will further deepen your understanding of your communities and for the newbie it will ease your entry and prevent you from being the only one in PVC and fairy wings to a munch where everyone else is in casual attire.

Extremely thorough in content, 'Playing Well with Others' comes complete with super handy appendices containing a fabulous glossary of terms, current resources and websites, social media, blogs and podcasts, and a very thourough 'Before We Play Questionnaire'.

By Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams, 311 pages, 2012. Published by Greenery Press.