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Screaming O Ring O Ritz XL

Screaming O Ring O Ritz XL

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The Ring O XL is the innovative super soft silicone cock ring from Screaming O, now in a new larger size. The premium Ring O Ritz XL takes all your favourite qualities from the original Ring O XL and turns up the luxury by crafting it out of sumptuous silicone for a more supple texture and springy hold. Ring O Ritz XL provides a custom, comfortable fit while offering a velvety touch and pliable feel. Phthalate and latex free, this silicone ring is easy to care for with soap and warm water.

Specifications for Screaming O Ring O Ritz XL

  • Hardness & Density: Hardness Rating: Soft

  • Made of Silicone
  • Made in China
  • Ring Diameter: 1.2"
  • Weight: 6g
  • Phthalate-free: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
J.B. (British Columbia, Canada)
soft, good stretch, seems durable

I like this thing very much... other rings have tended to break after not so much use, this seems like it will last.
I most often use this as some extra movable fun on my shaft... I find it a bit tight for the ol' cock and balls, and sometimes even just them balls under certain conditions. I am a 5'4" human with a dick and balls, in the bottom 2% in height, tho I suppose averagely endowed, as I would not mind if this were just a tad bigger (same with the smaller one, also awesome, but if things get proper stiff it gets uncomfortable).

Still, I am going to buy another one, as this is fun in a few more ways than one!

G.S. (Ontario, Canada)
Just right (but store it safely!)

I tried this size as well as the smaller one. I found the smaller size was better for shaft-only, while XL was big enough to be worn around shaft and testicles (of course your preferences and fit may vary). Material is as soft as advertised. Very comfortable. A word of warning for pet owners… if your cat is the kind that manages to find every elastic bad in the house immediately, be sure to hide this cock ring well! The soft silicone will not survive. Mine was shredded the first day after purchase (my fault of course) but I liked it enough to buy a replacement. I will be storing it securely from now on!

P. (Ontario, Canada)
Comfortable ring

This is a comfortable ring that's soft enough not to bump your partner but snug enough to do its job.

M.T. (Manitoba, Canada)
Little Boost

This works kind of like a little turbocharger, gives you that extra 20% hardness and drive! Hmmmm so much fun, play with self or others!

Love the soft feel and wish it had a more firm grip, sort of like dual density with a strong grip and a softer outer layer. :-D Hint, that's what I want!