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Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant 8oz

Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant 8oz

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Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant 8oz has been a perennial favourite at Come As You Are for over 25 years! Thick and slippery with a long-lasting consistency, Slippery Stuff is compatible with all toys and condoms - and most people too!

Perfect for playing with toys and for all kinds of penetration play because the thick gel consistency ensures the lube stays where you put it!

With very few ingredients and no glycerin or parabens chemical preservatives, Slippery Stuff is the most hypoallergenic non-silicone lubricant we've ever encountered. Whether you're someone with lots of allergies or chemical sensitivities (MCS), you're very unlikely to have a reaction to Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant. If you're looking for something a little more hypoallergenic, consider a pure silicone lubricant instead.

Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant 32oz is also extremely affordable too! It is so rare to find a lubricant that stays slippery, doesn't cause a ton of reactions, and is actually economically accessible too. Looking to bring even more Slippery Stuff into your life? Check out all of the sizes of Slippery Stuff available.


Specifications for Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant 8oz

    Ingredients: De-ionized water, polyoxyethylene, sodium carbomer, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexyglycerin.

  • Base: Water-based
  • Paraben-free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Condom Compatible: Yes
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 240g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
L.S. (New Brunswick, Canada)
Best Lube I've Found

This is my absolute favourite lube. I order it in bulk!

S.T. (Ontario, Canada)

Tried so many lubes over the years and this one is the best – silky texture and works well for toys, solo, butt stuff...and non-irritating, too, which is a blessing

K.P. (Ontario, Canada)
Best. Lube. Ever.

This lube is fantastic! It works incredibly well (no need to reapply) and isn’t irritating, unlike some other lubes.

J.D. (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Can’t go back

Hands down the best lube I’ve ever used. No gross residue, lasts a decent amount of time and feels great.

A.E. (British Columbia, Canada)
Best lube

This lube is perfect, it’s thick but not sticky, doesn’t stain, toy friendly! It’s impossible to use any other brand after this.

P. (British Columbia, Canada)
Nice and Slippery

The Slippery Stuff Lube is great, nice consistency, thicker than most (can be reactivated/thinned with a little water if needed), non staining and not an unpleasant flavour. Works well with toys and is great for skin to skin contact. Not sticky after use as well!

R.H. (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Saved our sex life

Love this. Works great with or without partner. Fragrance free. Doesn’t stain. Perfect.

D.P. (British Columbia, Canada)
Excellent value

Good price, works well. 10/10

E. (British Columbia, Canada)
It's cheap, and it's better then most

I like a thicker water based lube, and it definately checks that mark off. You have to re-apply rarely unless you're using it in a very dry area, but even then 20min+ it'll work just fine. It's also one of the few lubes that doesn't cause a reaction on my very sensitive skin