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Spartacus Tweezer Bell Nipple Clamps

Spartacus Tweezer Bell Nipple Clamps

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Next time someone tells you to "come with bells on!" you know what to do with these Spartacus Tweezer Bell Clamps! These classic clamps come untethered by a chain so they're perfect for nipples and other body parts!

We've always loved tweezer clamps because they're amongst the most adjustable of all of the nipple clamps! While some clamps work best when placed directly on the nipple, tweezer clamps work best when applied directly behind the nipple and they can often be used by folks who have piercings too.

To adjust the clamps, place them on the body part you'd like to clamp and slide the metal ring toward the end of the clamp to tighten. Want to make it looser? Just slide the clamp right back the other way. So easy to get on and off!

The adorable bells affixed to the Spartacus Tweezer Bell Clamps make a sweet little jingle-jangle sound with motion to add a whole other dimension to clamp play. Check out the Spartacus Gold Heart Tweezer Clamps too!

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Specifications for Spartacus Tweezer Bell Nipple Clamps

  • Made in China
  • Weight: 10g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
J. (Ontario, Canada)
Fun little addition

Work exactly as described, the adjustable pressure is good and didn't have the adjustment mechanism slip.

N.G. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Bouncy fun!

Really enjoyed the adjustable clamp, allowed for varied stimulation. My partner and I enjoy the jingle that make when bounced around - very playful and exciting!