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Stockroom Ultimate Thigh Harness

Stockroom Ultimate Thigh Harness

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The Stockroom Ultimate Thigh Harness is truly the ultimate. This is so much more than a thigh harness - it is a multi-function harness designed to hold all of your fave toys at once. Okay, maybe not *all* of them, but many of them.

Not only does the Stockroom Ultimate Thigh Harness affix a dildo and/or a wand to a thigh, it can even be secured to a small bench or stool or pillow for even more fun play. 

With a sexy leather body and an adjustable nylon thigh strap, your favourite wand vibrator can be attached to the harness with the adjustable velcro enclosures.

But wait! There's more, this handy harness can also be used like the Aslan Leather Forced Orgasm harness to (over)stimulate a clitoris or penis during BDSM scenes and powerplay.


Specifications for Stockroom Ultimate Thigh Harness

  • Made of Leather
  • Made in USA
  • Ring Diameter: 1.5", 2"
  • Weight: 250g
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Customer Reviews

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K.B. (Ontario, Canada)

highly highly recommend this harness! it's very soft but sturdy, which is necessary to be able to attach two toys to it. which by the way, oh my god! The best part about this toy is the ability to attach the magic wand and a dildo at the same time. I also really love the adjustable strap and the clip, it feels more secure than my other thigh harnesses. Don't miss out on this very neat and different harness