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Stockroom Wartenberg Sensation Pinwheel

Stockroom Wartenberg Sensation Pinwheel

Dimensions: 7" x 1"

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With sensations ranging from a tickle to a sharp prickle, the Stockroom Wartenberg Sensation Pinwheel is fun and inexpensive way to play with touch and sensation. 

Originally designed for medical purposes to test skin sensitivity, Wartenberg wheels have a second life in sensation and BDSM play.

Fun on its own, the Stockroom Wartenberg Sensation Pinwheel can be combined with a blindfold or other sensory deprivation toys to increase the sensation even more! Unless extreme pressure is used, this sharp toy will not break the skin, but does pack a lot of possibility into a little package.

Made of chrome-plated brass.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
V.L. (Quebec, Canada)
Nice toy

Love it!

J.C. (Ontario, Canada)
Inexpensive but surprisingly versatile sensation toy

This is a great little addition to anyone's toybag. I've used it on folks with pain tolerances ranging from self-professed wimps to hardcore masochist and there's something for everyone! Use it lightly for a tickly but prickly sensation that can make someone squirm, or use it harder for more a bite and/or to do some damage to skin. It even makes for a neat accessory to a violet wand when used with the attachment that turns your body (and thus, anything you're holding) into the conductor..sparks will jump as the pinwheel turns across the skin, and the combined sensations almost feels like a knife, without the same kind of damage;

L.E. (Alberta, Canada)
Great little sensation toy

A staple item for sensation-play toyboxes/toybags. This one is well-made (as one would expect from a Stockroom product) and should last a long time.

A.X. (Ontario, Canada)
many different uses

durable and easy to clean too

So simple, versatile and fun - this toy is now one of my favourites!

So simple, versatile and fun - this toy is now one of my favourites!