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The Butters Palm Grease Lubricant 4oz

The Butters Palm Grease Lubricant 4oz

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This is an ultra-thick oil-based lube made for extended stroke sessions & working various holes to new depths & diameters. Palm Grease features a plush velvety texture, high melt point (103ºF in case you were wondering), blends beautifully with natural bodily fluids, conditions tissues to add stretch/prevent tears including softening rough hands/nails.

Plus, it’s all-natural fatty acids will even skin tones, reduce wrinkles, blemishes and help your skin heal faster from your use. Basically, it's magic lube. Some also use it as a vulva / vaginal moisturizer with great success.

The Butters Palm Grease is available in lots of other sizes too!

Further, this lube doesn't have the same yellow colour that the Aloe X Shea & Cocoa Butter recipes do, making this lube a fantastic option for those who love the glide, but not the colour of other The Butters products!


Specifications for The Butters Palm Grease Lubricant 4oz

  • Base: Oil-based
  • Paraben-free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Condom Compatible: No
  • Made in USA
  • Weight: 130g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
H.L. (Ontario, Canada)
Great lube

My new go-to lube for my lenghty anal sessions as it requires little or no reapplication at all, even with a minimal inital application. It's great because it 'melts' in you and allows for hours of fun with my favorite toys. I greatly recommend to try it as I recently upgraded to a large 8 oz tub not too long ago.

A.P. (Quebec, Canada)
Great for skin and silicone!

I can’t say enough good things about this lube, it is simply luxurious and plush. A little goes a long way and it feels special on my skin. Also a great choice for silicone toys! I’m a bigger fan of this one that the Aloe x Shea for the lack of colour.

C.H. (Ontario, Canada)
Great For Just You And Your Meat

Forgive my bluntness, but this palm grease is the best slop I've used. To put it in stupid terms that I understand: if you're gonna turn up the heat and grill your meat its better to use grease than water. I've been messing around with a bunch of different lube to minimize the damage from daily (sometimes twice daily) multi-hour solo sessions. I'm Circumsized, and have suffered a few friction burns in my low-impulse-control past. This is the best stuff I've used so far. If you can find the lube you're considering at a Shoppers Drug Mart,avoid it like the fucking plague. You gotta go outside the box if you wanna spend money on something that lasts.I prefer starting with a little bit and reapplying as I go, but I've also just hucked a giant glob on Johnson and had it last until the end. May leak in between your fingers and such If you do too much and that kinda ruins my steez, but it's your life. Easy enough to clean up, haven't had any issues with irritation. You're gonna get a decent amount of mileage outta this one, I've had to apply it maybe 1/4 as often as the water ones I've tried out. Less sticky than silicone, but a bit more slick-y? That's what I'm going for, though! It doesn't smell, it glides well! I've only ever used it by my lonesome, as I'm used to it, so I can't offer much feedback on sharing it. You made it through all this, though so obviously you're interested in buying it. So, buy it. This is your sign. You're decided. You're ready to go. Put it in your cart. Go.

G. (Quebec, Canada)
Best lube we’ve ever used!

Palm Grease was a revelation. We use it for everything.

W.R. (Ontario, Canada)
so smooth

i love this product. i spent a long time deciding if i was going to get it, reading all the reviews and everything, and then when i did and opened it up I was suspect of the texture of it, but dont worry about that nothing is wrong with your batch and it is completly fine. I can tell you that once i started using this, game changer. every other lube i used would get so tacky almost immediately from the friction, and it would get uncomfortable and be worse than just without lube. i couldnt findmy jar of this a few weeks ago and i was Distraught. my dick was pissed, trying to use old lubes made me realize just how good this stuff is.
this stuff does Not dry up fast. edging is unbelievable and i imagine it provides a perfect slide for anal. i really cant wait to use this with my partner (long distance lol). I saw reviews from other trans guys saying it was a good moisturizer which was what made me buy it in the end because T made my skin down there real dry. just jacking off does the trick but sometimes i'll put a bit on just to moisturize.
the smell isnt Bad or terrible but I certainly dont really like it, and i might be a bit bothered if my face was in it. cant say for taste but its probably about the same.

Anonymous (Quebec, Canada)

This stuff is awesome. It stays super slick, doesn't get absorbed quickly. Highly recommend for folks who want to edge for a while or long anal sessions.

Long slow sessions

Bought this on a whim with some other stuff. Definitely the best jerk lube I’ve ever used. Stays smooth and silky for ages and never feels sticky or messy. Great stuff.

Love this product

I bought this as a gift for myself and I fell in love with it the minute I opened it. It's consistency is great for anal massage, and anal self play as well as for masturbation. This lube also works really well if you are a squirt on ejaculation and naturally lubricate quickly as it helped to keep my cock(I'm ftm without bottom surgery) from becoming irritated and sore. This lubricant also works really well as a moisturizer after shaving down there to help soothe the itchy feeling that occurs when the hair is starting to grow back. Highly recommend this product.