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Trustex Flavoured Latex Condom

Trustex Flavoured Latex Condom

Dimensions: 190mm x 52mm

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Make your moments together even sweeter with Trustex Flavoured Latex Condoms. Available in a bouquet of tantalizing flavours, including strawberry, mint, chocolate, grape, vanilla, cola, and banana, these condoms promise to add an unexpected twist to your intimate experiences. Each condom is wrapped in a vibrant package, showcasing the fun you're about to have. Imagine the luscious scent of strawberries or the cool tingle of mint enhancing your senses.

These premium latex condoms are designed for those who take their pleasure seriously but also love a bit of fun. These condoms ensure safety and reliability, crucial for any close encounter. Their colourful wrappers, each corresponding to the delicious flavour inside, are discreet yet exciting, perfect for those playful nights in or spontaneous adventures. Experience the sensation and indulge in the variety Trustex offers while staying protected.

Specifications for Trustex Flavoured Latex Condom

  • Vegan: No
  • Condom Length: 190mm
  • Condom Width: 52mm
  • Material Thinness: 0.075mm
  • Made of Latex
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Weight: 1g
  • Latex-free: No
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Customer Reviews

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K. (Ontario, Canada)
Weird but not gross

I got this mainly for blowjob, it tastes very artificial, but it doesn’t contain chemical that numb my mouth like other condoms do. I got the chocolate, cola and vanilla:)