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Underworks Post-Surgical Chest Binder

Underworks Post-Surgical Chest Binder

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Specially designed for post-surgical binding after top surgery, this Post Surgical Chest Binder has a velcro enclosure for ease of application and removal.

While many surgeons provide a post-surgical binder, this elasticized binder is great for anyone who needs one and anyone who'd like a spare binder on-hand after surgery.

While often marketed as an abdominal binder, this compression garment works great for anyone recovering from top surgery. The additional padding around the front of the binder makes this one of the most comfortable post surgical binders we've ever encountered.

To prevent the binder from slipping down when standing or walking, some surgeons have been known to safety pin cotton straps in place to sit over the shoulders.

Measurements (most narrow part of chest)

Small: 26"-36"
Medium: 38"-46"
Large: 48"-54"

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Customer Reviews

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F. (Quebec, Canada)
a great postop binder

I started wearing this binder maybe 5 days post surgery. I was glad i had it because it is way more confortable than what the surgery center provided. The only thing i would change is that it is not customizable in width, so for me who has a short torso it has been a bit annoying as it keeps driving upwards in my armpits, which are already sore from the surgery. But the fact that its very soft material, and machine washable, is really a win.

So Worth It.

I'm reviewing a lot sooner than I normally would (I'm 2 days post-op), but I have to say that this is a very comfortable binder. I'm a pretty chunky guy (5'3-180lbs) but I bought the smaller binder (up to 45") and it's amazing. The way it sits is perfect for placing your drain clamps and the fabric doesn't fray easily nor does it roll up at all. It's nice and tight without restricting your breathing at all. I hate binding, so much so that I stopped fairly quickly after I started, it was just too uncomfortable, but this one is awesome. 10/10 would recommend.

So glad I bought this

I was required to wear a binder for a week after top surgery. The neoprene binder the hospital gave me was a carpet roll sweaty nightmare, on top of the aches and pains of recovery. I had bought this binder online just in case, and it was so much more breathable and comfortable, and let me sleep easier at night. I didn't need help putting it on and off, and was able to adjust it in places because it was so stretchy. When I went for my post-op appointment, my doctor asked me where I got it because he thought it was better than what they were issuing. Would def recommend this. I am 5'2 and I bought the smaller one, and it fit perfect.

For post op use, you really need to have someone else put this on you, as you can’t move your arms.

For post op use, you really need to have someone else put this on you, as you can’t move your arms. I like the way this binder feels in general, however the reason I am giving 4 stars is the length is a problem. It rolls up at the bottom, which is rather annoying. If you wear the short style binder (by itself, without the tshirt attached), you might understand what I mean. My surgeon likes it as well.

T.H. (Ontario, Canada)
A Great Start!

I bought this binder in a size small as my first binder ever! It has been wonderfully affirming and has assured me that a binder is a necessary part of my gender expression 😄 However, as I am not using it post-surgery, I feel like I don't get the full benefits from the product! This has helped me identify what I'd like more in a future binder however, such as straps!