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Unicorn Collaborators KnuckleFucker Hand Harness

Unicorn Collaborators KnuckleFucker Hand Harness

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This totally innovative and ridiculously fun strap-on dildo harness for your hand is just what we've been waiting for from Toronto's Unicorn Collaborators. Made of soft and supple garment leather, the Unicorn Collaborators Knuckle Fucker comes with two stylish nickel o-rings to accommodate your fave dildo no matter what size (sold separately, of course), and the generous leather strap is adjustable via d-ring so it will fit on anyone's hand. Further, you can use this hand harness to attach any sex toy with a flared base onto almost anything at all - like a four-poster bed or even another body part.

Specifications for Unicorn Collaborators KnuckleFucker Hand Harness

  • Made of Leather
  • Made in Canada
  • Ring Diameter: 1.5", 2"
  • Weight: 144g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
J.M. (Ontario, Canada)
No more cramped hands!

I wish I had gotten this sooner. With the Unicorn Collaborators KnuckleFucker I was able to play for way longer without my hands getting cramped and tired. It opens up new possibilities for positions and angles too. Useful on both sides of the hand, and could be used to strap toys to other things too if you're adventurous. The quality is excellent with good leather and great stitching. The large ring fit my largest toy with 2" diameter, it was a little snug so I wasn't sure at first but I got it on okay. This is something I'm going to use every time I play with toys from now on. I also love that it was locally sourced. Worth every penny. A vegan option would be great.

G.S. (Ontario, Canada)

Yes, you can use it with your hand but if you’re creative you can strap it to other parts (or objects). So happy to have bought this! If you or your partner have dexterity or back problems this is so perfect.

S.J. (Ontario, Canada)
I like it!

This is actually really useful!!! Gives my brittle little wrists a break honestly, great to use on myself and others! Fits everything I own so this harness is great.

L.T. (Ontario, Canada)
Great for use during pregnancy!

I usually like to wear a strap-on, but while pregnant that option has been difficult to implement. This is a great substitute for when you want to have control and be comfortable. Great on the wrist and relatively easy to use.

L. (Ontario, Canada)
Perfect for solo play

This hand harness is well-made and is a highly functional item to have in any toy bag. It has already proven its usefulness by giving me almost precision control over my silicone dildo, which tended to become too slippery to ensure a good grip during play.
I reversed the hand hold to use it for solo play. It fit perfectly on my Fuze Alpha dildo (diameter 1.75”) with a Screaming O Charged Vooom Bullet Vibe in its base (both also from CAYA).

The most useful harness I own.

If you find yourself hand f*cking people with dildos on the regular, then this harness is for you. Say goodbye to lubey, messy hands, and cramps from holding the end of a dildo awkwardly. This toy adds a handle to any of your existing strap on compatible dildos! Brilliant.