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Vibratex Magic Wand Micro

Vibratex Magic Wand Micro

Dimensions: 9.5" x `1"

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The tiniest Magic Wand has arrived! The Vibratex Magic Wand Micro is from the original makers of the classic Magic Wand and the Magic Wand Rechargeable! This is the Magic Wand we all know and love in a tiny little package!

You may look at the Micro and wonder how it can possibly represent a brand that so famously symbolizes power — then you’ll turn it on and have all your answers. Impossibly powerful, this four-function, three-speed massager is a Magic Wand® through and through. Same quality, same pleasure, same magic.

Powered by a USB-C rechargeable battery, the Magic Wand Micro’s high-capacity motor can hit speeds of up to 6,500 RPM of shockingly deep vibrations. Like its larger relatives, the Magic Wand Micro features the famous soft, silicone head and flexible neck to comfortably transfer its power to wherever you choose.

With three hours of pleasure from one charge, this little vibe just keeps on giving and giving. Portable and perfect for travel, the Vibratex Magic Wand Micro is a Magic Wand that lends itself to fun on the go!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
R.N. (Ontario, Canada)
Not a gimmick! Great vibe

I got it because it was cute and I couldn’t resist anymore. I hoped it would be good, but wasn’t betting on it. This is now my go-to toy for external stimulation! It’s quite rumbly and the sound is quiet and kinda sexy,If that makes sense? A pleasing whirring buzz. Is not the same experience as the full sized wand, but it is an excellent experience.

K.C. (Quebec, Canada)
Travel sized perfection

Great travel sized version of the original! I love it.

J. (Quebec, Canada)
tiny and powerful

amazing. perfect for a carry-on. took 25% longer to cum than w the full size. but love it.

C. (British Columbia, Canada)
So smoll

Cutest mini magic wand! My current only other vibe is the original magic wand. Any other vibes have either stopped working or just weren't as good. Surprisingly still powerful in mini version. Less awkward to use with a partner than the original. I will still sometimes go for the original as I prefer the way the larger head feels on my bits but that is not points against this one. I think this will be great for travel as well.

S.m. (Ontario, Canada)
A must have in your travel or makeup bag!

Firstly is cute...then it will give you a phenomenal felling on the go! You won't regret your purchase!

J.H. (Ontario, Canada)
The best vibrator to exist

Love using it on my partner to bring her to a screaming orgasm

O.H. (Ontario, Canada)
Wow.. For something so small, it's got some power!

I LOVE my Hitachi magic wand and when I saw this wee thing I just had to have it. It's *adorable* - I squeed with delight when I took it out of its box.

When I first used it I was shocked by the power it provided. As a big girl, I'm not a fan of lipstick vibrators (too small, get too wet & slippery), this has become my go-to when I need that bit of additional stimulation and it's a great size to drop into my purse to break along with me for those vibrator emergencies. ;)

I love that it's rechargeable and a decent length of charge - I still haven't tired it out, but I also recharge it after 1-2 uses.

My only complaint (and this is so very minor, not enough to bring it down from 5 stars) would be the size/length of the cord to carry it. I have a large hand and it doesn't fit over it so I can't wear it on my wrist. I'm planning on finding a replacement cord and is likely not an issue for those with smaller hands.

Anonymous (Ontario, Canada)
Amazing power for the size!

I have the original magic wand and have used it for years, and so was very surprised when this tiny version was comparable in power! It has a lot more settings that the original, and the strongest mode is probably only as strong as the original's mode 1, so if you prefer the power of mode 2 you aren't going to get that kind of kick from this product. I never really use mode 2 though, so for me this one is absolutely perfect.

It's WAY quieter than the original magic wand (or any other vibe I've used) and the power lasts a pretty long time without having to recharge (you can't use it while it's charging, though). Overall it's kind of a perfect little vibrator, and I'm still shocked at how much power was able to be packed into it considering that it is SUPER tiny.

B.A. (British Columbia, Canada)
Cute, powerful, 20 min cut-off kind of annoying, slightly hard to clean

Fantastic power for the size, definitely comparable to the Tango. The automatic 20-min cut-off is kind of annoying. It's a must on the full size wand because it gets really hot, but this one is too little for that to be a problem, so it's just a random "HEY! GET BACK HERE!" moment in the middle of your sesh. The styling is exactly like the original, which is adorable, but because it's so much smaller, the ridged blue area under the head is more likely to get fluids on it and it's hard to clean that spot out. A toothbrush will do the job, but it might have been better to sacrifice some twinsies energy to make that smooth so you can keep it sanitary more easily.