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Will to Change

Will to Change

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Men, Masculinity, and Love

Everyone needs to love and be loved—even men. But to know love, men must be able to look at the ways that patriarchal culture keeps them from knowing themselves, from being in touch with their feelings, from loving. In The Will to Change, bell hooks gets to the heart of the matter and shows men how to express the emotions that are a fundamental part of who they are—whatever their age, marital status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

With trademark candor and fierce intelligence, hooks addresses the most common concerns of men, such as fear of intimacy and loss of their patriarchal place in society, in new and challenging ways. She believes men can find the way to spiritual unity by getting back in touch with the emotionally open part of themselves—and lay claim to the rich and rewarding inner lives that have historically been the exclusive province of women. A brave and astonishing work, The Will to Change is designed to help men reclaim the best part of themselves.

Specifications for Will to Change

  • Author: bell hooks
  • Pages: 188
  • Publisher: Washington Square Press
  • Year: 2004
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780743456081
  • Find in-store: Books > Relationships
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Customer Reviews

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T.M. (Ontario, Canada)
Feminism as it relates to men

The author does a great job of exposing how patriarchy hurts men as well as women. bell hooks shows all the ways in which men and boys are taught to deny their emotions and channel that pain into patriarchal domination of women and other men. I gained a better understanding that feminism is about fighting patriarchy, not about hating men as it is so often portrayed in the media. A worthwhile read for anyone looking to understand the paradoxical situation of how patriarchy simultaneously hurts men but is also perperuated by them.