When the best sex toy is actually the worst

If you read our last newsletter, you'll likely already know that we don't pay a lot of attention to media hype or sales reports when it comes to deciding what to stock in our shop or what we recommend to folks online and in-store.

Our focus has always been on listening to your wants, needs, and experiences to help you find your path to your own sexual pleasure and actualization.

So, you'll likely not be surprised to find that we bristle at being asked what our best selling sex toys are (I genuinely don't know as of writing this) and loathe when the media decides what the best sex toy is.

In our collective mind, the entire premise is flawed. For instance, can you imagine if the New York Times declared the best food to be pizza?!?

Now, pizza might be the most popular food, or the best reviewed food, or even your best friend's favourite food - but is it the best food? And more importantly, is it your favourite food? Is it the food that works best for you and your body? How can there even be a best when it comes to something so subjective?

Obviously, this rant is very much inspired by the New York Times declaring that the Magic Wand is the best vibrator. And the most infuriating thing is that we actually kinda agree with them.

However, the very thing that makes the Magic Wand the best vibrator is also the thing that makes it the absolute worst vibrator.

I cannot count the number of interactions we've had with folks in-store and online who were told unequivocally by their best friend or fave sex blogger that their first sex toy should be the Magic Wand because it is so good.

AND IT *IS* SO GOOD. That's what makes us so mad.

Like, truly, the Magic Wand always has been and probably always will be the strongest and most reliable vibrator in the world. It is annoyingly good, and of course people recommend it highly. The Magic Wand as been fundamental in the orgasmic liberation of millions of people. Heck, our shop was literally founded back in 1997 because one of our founders tried the Magic Wand on their penis and had a revelation about sex toys and sex positive feminism and was inspired to open this weird little co-op sex shop.

The problem is, people often invest in a Magic Wand because they're finding sexual pleasure difficult to access in the first place. They buy it because everyone told them it is the best vibrator ever, and when they bring it home and actually use it and it doesn't work for them, they inevitably conclude that they are broken.

We're fundamentally against anyone concluding that they're broken and we will do everything in our power to avoid any situation that leads people to feeling more broken than they already feel.

Our advice to anyone just starting out in sex toys is to keep things simple and inexpensive. Take your time to figure out what you like and what you don't. Some people love deep rumbly vibrations (like what the Magic Wand provides) and some folks prefer a buzzier higher-frequency vibrator. Some folks love internal vibrations and some folks prefer external stimulation, and guess what?!? Some folks dislike vibration entirely. We're all different and just because what you dig is different than what your best friend or the NYT loves, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

And heck, if you bought a Magic Wand and you don't love it, don't despair: you now own the best back massager AND you can turn it into your new fave g-spot or prostate massager by adding an attachment or two

Ultimately, we're just here to guide you on your path to pleasure, to embolden you to embrace your preferences, and to encourage everyone to make the decisions that serve you best. And if you're not sure if the best vibrator is the best one for you, we're always here for you with ideas, inspiration, and recommendations based on your wants, needs, and desires.

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