Needing a binder for a friend in a bind!

Dear Nerds -

My best friend is in a bit of a bind and I'm hoping you can help out! Basically, they just came out (to me) as non-binary, but they still live at home with their parents. They haven't told their parents yet - mostly because their dad is an english teacher, Jordan Peterson fanboy, and throws a fit at the mere suggestion of using "they" as a singular pronoun. On top of everything else, they're super broke and desperately need a binder to feel a little bit better about the whole situation. What is a friend to do?

- A friend indeed


Dear Indeed -

Oh, man, I feel for your friend so hard! It is difficult enough being young, but being gender variant and living with unsympathetic parents is even more challenging. Good on you for reaching out and trying to find some solutions for your friend!

The good news is that we do run a binder recycling program over at our sibling site at, so your friend can pick up a preloved binder or two for only $10 each, and if they grow out of them, they can re-donate the binder and pick up another one with the gift card they get for the donation. It is like instant binder Karma, basically. Spread the word because the more folks who donate, the more chest binders we get to redistribute!

The best part is that we can deliver to any post office in Canada so the parcel won't get delivered to the parental home and your friend can choose to come out at their own pace and on their own terms!

If they need help choosing a binder or if there's anything at all we can do to be helpful, let them know to get in touch anytime!

Keep on, keeping on. You're an amazing friend!

- Gender Nerds

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