Slip 'n Slide - What massage oils can I use for sex?

Hi Sex Nerds -

My partner tasked me with finding us a new massage oil to take on a vacation next week but I have a question about safety and since you folks have always been so knowledgable about sex toys when I've asked questions in the past, I figured I'd send you an email!

Is it safe to use massage oil during anal play and vaginal masturbation? Are there some brands and types that are better for this over others? We both love using Hathor Sutil for regular sex and I don't want anything to replace it, but I'd like to get something that's safe internally just in case the massage leads to more intimate play. 

- Slip 'n Slide

Howdy Slide -

Thanks so much for reaching out - this is such a great question and one that folks ask about all the time!

Just like our amazing customers, all massage oils are different! Some massage products are fantastic for both massage and sex, and, some not so much. Generally, if you are looking for a dual purpose product, I'd first suggest a silicone lubricant.

Silicone lubricants are light, silky, and slippery. They stay slippery for a very long time and they don't get tacky or sticky since there's no water in them to evaporate. Silicone lubes are super versatile, and can be a great go-to for sex play, and they're waterproof so they're awesome for sex play in the shower - just be careful because they can make your shower or bath surface awfully slippery too!

And, of course, silicone lubes are amazing for massage too. Most silicone lubes are also completely scent free and are as close to hypoallergenic as lubes (and massage oils) get. However, silicone lubricants will damage silicone sex toys, but they're compatible with condoms! We have a whole article about lubricants that might also be helpful! 

Our fave silicone lubricants these days are Sliquid Silver and FuckWater Silicone, but we only stock products we love, so you can trust any lubricant you find on our website and shelves.

Another great option would be an oil-based lube. We generally don't recommend non-organic oil lubricants for sex play with folks with vaginas, so we'd definitely suggest trying Yes OB or Sliquid Soul. They're generally vagina friendly (they have no petroleum products, which tend to cause issues).

The one big consideration with oil-based lubricants is that they damage safer sex materials like condoms and dams, and they'll destroy rubber and elastomer sex toys.

There aren't many straight up massage oils that are appropriate for sex play. Most massage oils contain scents and preservatives which aren't generally compatible with penetration play. However, if you opt for a massage oil that has an unscented and simple ingredients list, like Sliquid Balance Unscented Massage Oil (or, if your go-to massage oil is usually that jar of coconut oil in your kitchen) then there's no reason to not use it for sex play as well.  As with oil-based lubricants, massage oils are generally not compatible with condoms and rubber sex toys.

Have an awesome vacation!


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