This vibe keeps coming between us!

Hi Sex Nerd -

I've been seeing my new ladyfriend for a couple of weeks, and the sex we're having is just blowing my mind. Or more specifically, being with someone so naturally orgasmic is blowing my mind. She seems to really prefer sex when I wear my strap-on (the Fuze Foreman and Aslan Jaguar), which is awesome, but she also likes a lot of clitoral stimulation during sex and I'm finding I just can't do everything and be everywhere at once. We've been using her Hitachi Magic Wand sometimes, but it is kinda huge and just gets in the way depending on what position we're in.

Any suggestions for a vibe that would work well during strap-on sex?

- Tennis Ball Blues

Dear Blue -

My whole life is literally just suggestions for ways to integrate vibes into penetration play! I feel like every experience I've ever had has just been preparing me for this very moment. This is some Oprah-level life fulfillment shit right now for me. #blessed

So, there are a number of ways you can go about this and they're all great! The most high-tech and low-profile option would be to go with something like the We-Vibe (Jive, Match, Sync) or the Lelo Tiani. All of these vibes are specifically designed to be worn during penetrative sex and the vibrating part sits over the clitoris for maximum stimulation. Both the We-Vibes and the Lelo Tiani comes with a remote control so you don't have to fuss with switches or buttons in an inconvenient location during play! These toys are all marketed as "couples toys" but they can be used solo or with triads, but then, what do marketers know? Some of the We-Vibes can be controlled with yer phone and the Tiani comes with a remote control that also vibrates and has a ton of cool motion-sensing features.

Alternately, you could just go for a lower profile classic vibrator without the smartphone-enabled features. Our favourites would be the soft silicone stylings of the Je Joue Mimi or the Je Joue Uma. The Mimi is deliciously pebble-shaped (but like a hypoallergenic pebble that fits perfectly in your hand) and the Je Joue Uma has more of a classic g-spotter vibe shape, but if you're just using it externally, the curve just makes for a handy, uh, handle. We also love the We-Vibe Wish for clitoral stimulation during penetration play because it sits ergonomically in the hand and on the body and has such soft spongey silicone, but the vibrations aren't nearly as impressive as with the Je Joue toys!

There are infinite other options - little bullet vibes, smaller wands, etc, etc - but they all have drawbacks, so I won't bother leading you down those daisy paths just to disappoint you in the end!

- Sex Nerds



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