What soft, yet firm, and totally boilable?

Dearest Sex Nerds -

My friend with benefits and I have a pretty vast collection of dildos and strap-ons that just aren't doing it for us. We're really into silicone toys because they're so easy to clean, but all of the ones we've invested in thus far have been as hard as rocks. Well, maybe not that hard, but they're all definitely on the firm side of soft. We've already sunk so much cash into this project (there's no good sex shops in our town, so we're only ever able to order dildos online) and I'm nervous investing more money into yet another way-too-firm silicone dildo. What can you recommend that's soft, silicone, and feels a little more realistic?

- Soft and Supple

Heya Softy -

Awesome question! So, first off, next time you're browsing our website, check out the "hardness ratings" we have listed on all of our vibrators and dildos. We rank each toy according to how hard or soft it is - ranging from "gummy bear" soft to "hard as rocks" hard - so you can get a sense of how firm each toy is.

The best - and softest - realistic toys we stock are unquestionably the Vixskin silicone toys from Vixen Creations. These dildos are often referred to as "dual density" as they have a firm core but a very soft exterior. This allows the dildo to be firm enough for effective penetration play, but soft enough to be comfortable and to feel realistic.

All of the Vixen toys we stock are totally compatible with all of the harnesses we carry, but if you're wanting to ensure your strap-on will fit, just pay attention to the diameter measurement on the dildo!

- Sex Nerd

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