Will my NYTC suction cup work with my Vixen friends?

Dear Nerds -

I've recently fallen deeply in love with the double suction cups from New York Toy Collective! They work so well with all of my dildos - even the giant ones - and I can use them to stick my dildos to my shower wall. They're amazing. I can't even.

I thought they might work with my Vixen Creations Vixskin friends, they with their sorry excuse for a suction cup, but those Vixen engineers cut the circle indent in the same 2.5” diameter as the suction cup, so it just won’t hold. I am considering adding to my Vixen collection, and wonder if the Vixen Bandit base will work with my suction cup.

I don't think it has a suction base itself, and the surface area of the Bandit looks like it might be just about right to work with the NYTC suction cups. Do you have any Vixen toys that will work with them?

Thank you,
Looking for dildos that suck

Heya Vixen Friends, 

You know, before we found the New York Toy Collective Double Suction Cups, we weren't huge fans of suction cup dildos because they always seem to let people down.

Historically, they would stick well to a very flat and smooth horizontal surface, but they never fought gravity well and tended to slip down or fall off of walls - especially in the shower.

We adore Vixen Creations toys for a myriad of reasons - heck, they were the first people to make professional quality silicone dildos - Gosnell Duncan technically did it first, but having handled those dicks personally, I can tell you they were a little on the lumpy side. In any case, the thing most folks love about Vixskin is that it is super soft and realistic feeling, but alas, the soft silicone and streamlined bases don't make for the best suction cups. I mean, they work well on very flat surfaces, and heck, they'll even affix to a very smooth shower wall but you really have to slam it on there to get a great seal. 

We did some measuring and some hemming and hawing and some experiments, and it looks like the Vixen Bandit's base is just a little too small to work well with the NYTC suction cups, but the Maverick has a nice wide base with a suction cup that might work well on its own.

Alternately, a bunch of the Fuze Silicone dildos have the most excellent suction cup base we've ever seen - and they even suction to each other if you're looking to double up, buttercup! If you're in the market for something bigger, take a look at the fairy giant Giganto, but it is firm as all get out and has none of the softness of the Vixskin dildos. 

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to all of the amazing sex toys we stock. Softer toys are fun to play with and feel awful real, but their suction cups just aren't as powerful. The firmer toys lack that "realfeel", but they'll stick to anything.

- Sex Nerds


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