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This is an amazing workbook guide for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Using practical and easy to understand exercises, Carolyn Ainscough and Kay Toon cover many aspects of healing and dealing with the trauma that comes from childhood abuse. From... Read more
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Co-written by one of our co-op founders and author of "What Makes A Baby" and "Sex is a Funny Word", Cory Silverberg, this book explores potential physical and emotional barriers to sex. Most notable for its frank and practical chapters... Read more

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Whether you're someone who enthusiastically identifies as a 'sex nerd' or you're someone who has spent some time in your life worrying that there's something about your sexuality that's not normal, this book is sure to be a ridiculously enlightening... Read more
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This has long been one of our favourite guides to anal play! Unusually comprehensive, it is a reliable source of information on anal eroticism for people of all sexual orientations. Anal Pleasure & Health brilliantly tackles the physical, emotional, and... Read more

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In this Toybag guide (courtesy of Greenery Press), Janet Hardy takes us through the ins and outs of canes and caning. From selecting and purchasing a cane, to dungeon safety and technique, this book is small but thorough, and is... Read more

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A New York City therapist examines the paradoxical relationship between domesticity and sexual desire and explains what it takes to bring lust home.

One of the world’s most respected voices on erotic intelligence, Esther Perel offers a bold, provocative new... Read more

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When Deborah Rudacille learned that a close friend had decided to transition from female to male, she felt compelled to understand why.

Coming at the controversial subject of transsexualism from several angles–historical, sociological, psychological, medical–Rudacille discovered that gender variance is... Read more

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Written by a sexuality educator and mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome this book is highly recommended for anyone with children labeled with any kind of cognitive difference. Covering the spectrum from safety to pleasure from puberty to healthy... Read more

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Joan Price is talking out loud about later-life sexuality. With a foreword by Betty Dodson, Naked at Our Age candidly addresses senior sexuality in all its colours -the challenges, disappointments, and surprises, as well as the delights and the love... Read more
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Finally an entire book devoted to male genital play. An excellent resource for anyone interested in power play, but also great information if you're looking to spice up your sex life.

By Hardy Haberman, 140 pages, 2001. Published by Greenery... Read more

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A fun manual for people who want to live an open sexual lifestyle. Drawing on their own experiences, the authors are shameless cheerleaders for all ethical sluts - anyone who dreams of sexual abundance and believes in living these dreams... Read more

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Bondage enthusiasts will love this book - chock full of information of the various rope, knots, equipment and bondage techniques for every part of the body. Good section on safety issues. By Jay Wiseman, 324 pages, 2000. Published by Greenery... Read more
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A Users Guide

A straightforward and sensible manual on the penis - with a very cis-centric view of such things. This book is as entertaining as it is insightful. It puts many myths to sleep and sheds light on many topics... Read more

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Curvy Girl Sex is here to show you that regardless of size, shape, or flexibility you CAN get creative and have satisfying, sultry, sensual sex! Sex educator Elle Chase covers sex positions from basic to advanced, specific challenges faced as... Read more

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A Book about Bodies, Feelings, and YOU

As adults who talk to other adults about sex every single day, we find that so much of the sex negativity we encounter - and that we all experience in one form or... Read more

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A great resource for women who experience vuluar pain, this book delves into different types of painful sex from an angle of compassion and optimism. Written by doctors who have made treating and managing this their specialty, many women who... Read more
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Want to try decorative and functional rope bondage? Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes is a great guide to knots of all sorts, with detailed explanations, diagrams and photographs. Easy to use, and allows you to move at your... Read more
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The second volume of the rope bondage guides by Two Knotty Boys, Back on the Ropes delves a little deeper into tying sensual and decorative bondage. Full color, gorgeous photographs illustrate all techniques, while each step is clearly explained. Learn... Read more
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Stephan Niederwieser’s relaxed style and focus on pleasure are the perfect combination for this introduction to bondage, a book that’s sure to benefit both the beginner and the experienced practitioner. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the... Read more

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This friendly, forthright guide rips the lid off the myth that women don't enjoy anal sex. With quotes from erotic literature, real-life women, and fun illustrations, this guide covers all the bases, including anatomy, health and safety, emotional and psychological... Read more

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Curious about all this hype around the g-spot? Want to learn how to explore female ejaculation? Violet Blue's Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot gives you the tools you need for some fun, squirty g-spot play. From pleasure-based overview of... Read more

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The Good Vibrations Guides have a well-deserved reputation for being practical, feminist, sex-positive Guides. This Guide to the G-Spot is no exception! A quick read, this guide balances an anatomical and scientific understanding of the g-spot with practical approaches to... Read more

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Another great book from the writers who brought us The Ethical Slut and the New Bottoming Book. This time around, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy share with us real-life stories of exploring spirituality that come from erotic torture and submission.... Read more
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This manual was created as a practical resource for persons with disabilities and health care clinicians, providing information on modifying sex toys, positions for greater ease and comfort, pleasure anatomy, safety, and deconstructing myths around sex and disability. Created in... Read more

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Oh joy, indeed! Following an inspiring crowdfunding campaign, Erika Moen's beautiful, educational, and entertaining Oh Joy Sex Toy has emerged in book form - and we're among the very first to have it in our hands and in our shop.... Read more
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Did you know that graham crackers and Corn Flakes were invented to help curb masturbation? It's true. That little factoid really makes you think about why we have such a negative stigma surrounding self-pleasure. In Getting Off, Jamye Waxman helps... Read more
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How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships

From research psychologist Christopher Ryan and psychiatrist Cacilda Jetha, Sex at Dawn is a fun and intense journey through human pre-history to modern times questioning many of... Read more

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Notes from the Orgasmic Frontier of Female Sexuality

From the Publisher: We think of the modern woman as sexually liberated - if anything, we're told we're oversexed. Yet a striking number of women are dissatisfied with their sex lives. Over... Read more

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Ever wonder what makes us attracted to certain people, and not to others? How Sex Works discusses how all of our senses dictate who we fall in love (and lust) with and why, how evolution has affected sex, and many... Read more

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Truly an indispensable tool for those who have found the love of their lives in another country, city, or continent, the Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide is packed full of hints and tips, true stories (both happy and sad), and... Read more
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Founding CAYA Co-operative worker-owner, Cory Silverberg, has collaborated with Canadian artist Fiona Smyth to produce this amazing children's book for every kind of family and every kind of kid! Many books that have come before this one focus on a... Read more

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Originally published in 1994 and reissued in a revised updated edition by Greenery Press, The Loving Dominant has taught more than 40,000 people the fundamentals of safe, healthy, affectionate dominance and submission. Here is all the wisdom, balance and really... Read more

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In 'Erotic Slavehood', two essential guidebooks to erotic slave training are combined into one deluxe volume. It will be essential reading for BDSM enthusiasts and practitioners. Replete with updated resources and references, this is the ultimate BDSM reference manual. By... Read more
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Cindy Crabb provides a DIY tour of the promise and perils of sexual relationships in Learning Good Consent. Building ethical relationships is one of the most important things we can do, but sex, consent, abuse, and support can get complicated.... Read more
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Sex Workers Write About a Changing Industry

Working Sex is a compelling look into the taboo and often sneered upon community of sex workers. Our societies fascination with demonizing pornography, fantasy, and all things "taboo" has put us in an... Read more

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Using clear, empowering text to celebrate the love between women, The Lesbian Kama Sutra encourages love and sex, pleasure and sensuality, uninhibited erotic indulgence, and play. Visually stunning, it features beautiful historical artworks, erotic illustrations, and sophisticated instructional drawings that... Read more
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Think all sex should be earth shattering? The quality of most couple sex doesn't measure up to the much distorted image of the perfect romantic love/passionate sex encounter portrayed in popular culture. In "Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style: Sharing Desire,... Read more

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For thousands of years the sexual principles and techniques presented here were taught by Taoist masters in secret only to a small number of people (sworn to silence), in the royal courts and esoteric circles of China. This is the... Read more

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While some sex education books focused on BDSM might instruct you in some detail how to deliver a spanking, this book guides you through the world of people you might you want to spank, how to negotiate the spanking, etiquette... Read more

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If you loved the classic Cunt Coloring Book and the indie fabulous Coloring Book of Kink, here's another one to add to your creative collection! With 101 line drawings of stylized hetero couples and almost psychedelic pattern backgrounds, you can... Read more

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Dr. Charley Ferrer created the W.I.S.E. (Women’s Introduction to Sexual Empowerment) Seminar and Journal Book for women who desire to seriously explore their sexual and sensual nature. It is not for the faint of heart. During the W.I.S.E. program, women... Read more
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Oh joy! The second volume of Erika Moen's beloved Oh Joy Sex Toy is out and available in Canada! Covering all kinds of sex in the form of toy reviews, education pieces, interviews and more. With her positivity, terrible puns... Read more

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Along with the New Bottoming Book, this volume is affirmative and informative reading for those who've explored the basic terrain of S/M and want to learn about the practice and psychology of these complementary roles. A perennial staff and customer... Read more

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The New Bottoming - and its companion The New Topping Book - are affirmative, informative reading for those who've explored the basic terrain of s/m and want to learn about the practice and psychology of these complementary roles.

By Dossie... Read more

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This is easily the most thorough and enjoyable guide to modern polyamory and non-monogamy that we've ever had the good fortune to read. Drawing from mainstream and poly-specific sources - and the authors' personal experiences - the authors effectively dispel... Read more

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Bondage artist and educator Lee Harrington takes you on a journey through easy step-by-step ties and exercises for bringing you and your partner(s) closer together through this beautiful art form. The second book in the Shibari You Can Use series,... Read more

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Spice up your needlework with this adventurous, irreverent, and fun guide featuring twelve projects inspired by the Kama Sutra—the classic illustrated handbook of sexual instruction—the perfect gift book for playful needle crafters who are always getting colouring books.

Knit a... Read more

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An Introduction to Asexuality

Julie Sondra Decker's Invisible Orientation is a much needed and welcomed resource that explores asexuality. As she clearly expresses, this book is intended to be an introduction: you will find a wealth of writing dedicated to... Read more

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For those who dream of training their very own human pony and folks who would love to set their inner equine run free, The Human Pony is the must-have guide. Filled with glossy pages of great human ponies at play... Read more

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In this up-to-date, comprehensive resource, Dr. Ehrensaft explains the interconnected effects of biology, nurture, and culture to explore why gender can be fluid, rather than binary. As an advocate for the gender affirmative model and with the expertise she has... Read more
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