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Come As You Are

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Whether you're someone who enthusiastically identifies as a 'sex nerd' or you're someone who has spent some time in your life worrying that there's something about your sexuality that's not normal, this book is sure to be a ridiculously enlightening reading experience. Our co-op has always been extremely skeptical of sex research - it often tells you much more about the researcher than the subject - but Emily Nagoski's book takes the last fifty years of sex research and manages to explain it in a thorough, critical, and entertaining fashion. If anyone has ever told you that your body, or desire, or relationships is weird or wrong or fucked up, Nagoski is here to tell you that you're okay, the person who told you that is wrong, and science can prove it. Just like the last fifty years of sex research, this book has a cis focus, but we think it is applicable to people of all genders. By Emily Nagoski, 400 pages, 2015. Published by Simon and Schuster.

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