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Silicone is an ideal material for vibrators and silicone vibrators have become our best selling sex toys. Silicone is resilient, retains body heat, and because it is non-porous it's easy to clean. Silicone vibrators are also available in a wider range of shapes and colours, and many of our rechargeable vibrators are made of silicone.

Beware - many sex toys labeled "silicone" in sex shops and on the internet often only contain 10% silicone and may contain other chemicals and contaminants. The sex toys that you'll find in our carefully curated shop are 100% silicone and are often made of medical grade silicone. The only protection you have from a bad or dangerous sex toy is a good, honest, and ethical sex toy retailer.

Learn more about sex toy materials or how to choose a vibrator. Silicone vibrators must only be used with water-based lubricants or oil-based lubricants - silicone lubricants may harm your silicone sex toy.

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