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SpareParts is by far our favourite American harness maker. SpareParts unique and innovative harnesses are ideal for strap-on sex and are compatible with all of the flared-based dildos we stock online and in-store. Made in fair wage, sweat-shop free conditions, all of SpareParts' harnesses are extraordinarily durable and hold your piece close to your body during sex play for reliable action with zero adjusting. This isn't your typical underwear-style harness - and believe us, we've tried them all - this one actually works, feels great, looks great, and will last for years and years. Learn more about how to choose and use a strap-on harness.

The SpareParts jock-strap-style harness is made of spandex and polyester harness to stretch and conform to your body. Strong and sturdy enough for the most enthusiastic strap-on play, this harness is entirely waterproof, machine-washable, and will accomodate any dildo up... Read more

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We've been searching for the perfect underwear harness since we first opened our doors back in the nineties, but until SpareParts launched the Tomboi and Sasha harnesses, we were skeptical that such a thing could even exist. Ever the perfectionists,... Read more

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We're going to be totally honest with you here: the SpareParts Tomboii has so much going on that there's simply no way to do justice to it in a web description, but we'll try. If you know us at all,... Read more

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For the times when you wish you could just go commando, but still need somewhere to put your packer, SpareParts' Pete Commando Harness is sure to do the trick! With an elastic loop on the inside of the packer pouch... Read more

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We didn’t think there would ever been anything better than the SpareParts Joque Harness, but that was because we never considered the possibility of the Deuce! This classic jock-strap style harness can accommodate a penis as well as a dildo... Read more

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We've never been the same since we first laid eyes on SpareParts' new femmetastic harness, Bella. The Bella features removable garter clips, delicate lace overlay, a seductive window to frame a hint of ass cleavage, with a bold black bow... Read more

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Get packing with SpareParts Pete Trunks! These magic underwear fit beautifully under clothes, keep your packer securely in-place, and are as comfortable as your favourite underwear. The Pete Trunks keep your packer quite front-and-center (so if you prefer to lean... Read more

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Get ready for the ride of your life! This amazing hand-harness from SpareParts gives you complete control in the palm of your hand. Literally. The stretchy neoprene is waterproof and easy to clean. Comes in many sizes to ensure a... Read more

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