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100 Strokes Of The Brush Before Bed

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A modern day Story of O, 100 Strokes is the unabashedly shameless diary of a young girl’s conquest for love. An instant classic in the author's native Italy, this captivating, erotic, and sometimes disturbing account of a teenagers thirst for the erotic has sold upwards of 700,000 copies. Graphically detailing erotic encounters in words far beyond her age, Melissa P. takes us on a startlingly vivid journey of self-discovery through her encounters with both sexes, some of them met through schoolmates, group sex, chat rooms and newspaper ads. Her secret life is kept far from family and friends, and emerges only in her diary entries. The most striking debut we’ve seen from an erotic author in a long, long time; you will devour Melissa’s bittersweet escapade of 100 Strokes from beginning to end.

By Melissa P (author) and Lawrence Venuti (translator, 176 pages, 2004. Published by Grove Press.